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Visit Spain To Create Memories
By:Adal Bert

Have you ever looked back into your past and come to the conclusion that there were not too many vacations that you truly enjoyed? Have you ever been recommended a place which right after you arrived in it was just not as special as you had read and seen in that travel book your travel agency offered you? Well, there are times in life when you just have to go through these experiences to find that in the end there is a paradise waiting for you. Welcome to Spain.

If you are into rural spaces, you will be delighted when you arrive in Alarcon. This is just one of those wonderful medieval villages situated in the vicinity of the river Jucar, in Cuenca. It is a rocky place and if you just finished visiting Madrid, you should know that this place is just an hour and a half away from it. Visiting this place will be like tasting a piece of Heaven’s silence that is how relaxing it feels to be here. Now and then you can clearly hear a few birds singing while the wind gently blows; such a unique atmosphere.

Another wonderful village you can visit is Alcalá del Júcar. This place is a peninsula and it is surrounded by water from the Jucar river. You will be able to see a great fortress in Arabic style which has some very high towers which just make it fit the landscape perfectly, giving it a forsaken feel which instantly transports you into the atmosphere of the medieval ages. You will also be able to find an ancient church here which was built between the 1600s and the 1800s, called San Andres. The church is just near the Arabic fortress.

Situated just 28 kilometers away from Teruel, one of the most unique and unusual places you could ever visit in Spain is Albarracin. This little gem of a place is a very well preserved medieval village which has been so well conserved over time that you would say it was there for no more than 50 years. The cobbled streets get tighter and tighter as you are climbing up this little village’s streets, and after a little while of walking you will be rewarded by a wonderful castle from where you will be able to look down upon the village. It is simply a breathtaking view you will never forget.

Do not miss out on visiting Alcoy, a wonderful town with a lot of tradition and neat places to visit. It is located in the middle of the La Serenate, Els Plans, Biscoi and the Roja mountain ranges. There are many enchanting places to visit here like the church of Iglesia de Santa María which dates back to the 18th century, the Camilo Visedo Archeological Museum, just a breathtaking place exhibiting Moorish, Roman and Iberian pieces and the El Puente de María Cristina, a bridge which dates back to 1837 standing over the Barchell river.

If you think your free time deserves much more than you have allowed yourself up to this date, then think no more about those unpleasant vacation plans you had been through in the past. Spain will just make you feel like you have been reborn into Paradise.

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