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What to do if you loose your passport in Spain
By:Adal Bert

There is a lot that can turn a trip to Spain into an immense amount of fun and joy. But what happens in case you incidentally lose your passport when you are traveling in Spain. Here is what all possibilities are available in Spain.

The first thing that you need to do after you realize that you have lost your passport is going to the nearest police station and filing a report. There are chances that you might not be able to recover the passport but the process is still vital.

You also need to contact your country’s nearest consulate or embassy and ask them to see into the matter. You can ask them to get you another passport. Inquire how much the whole process will cost. You also need to report any missing debit cards, credit cards or checks and inform your bank or card companies. You also need to talk to the banks to disable the service so that nobody else can take the advantage of the situation.

Take a deep breath and release your entire trauma because there is a lot that you still have to deal with. You will have to keep communicating with Spanish authorities in order to get a new passport. Talk to your near ones in you hometown and ask for their advice. You can ask your family members to contact the Embassy and arrange a flight back home for you.

You will also need find the nearest money wiring service and get some money wired so that you can deal with the situation in Spain. You can use it to support for verification purposes while getting money wired in Spain. You can also write an official letter to the Embassy of your country and ask their help in the situation. The Embassy may also help you with money transfer problems.

If you have a copy of your passport, make it available to the Embassy. Note down your passport number at a secure place. Gather all identification tools, police reports, to passport size photographs and money and make it physically the Embassy. You can get the emergency passport easily in Spain. After filing an application for passport, you will get a receipt which you can use till you do not possess a passport. In case some official asks for documents and the receipt can be produced.

You will be able to receive a temporary passport within 90 days of time and once you get it, make sure you set off for your home country and receive the new passport as soon as possible.

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