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Ideal Vacations In Spain
By:Adal Bert

Surrounded by water on all sides, Spain is an immensely preferred vacation or destination for people of all interests. The Mediterranean and Atlantic Sea are responsible for the diverse climate in Spain and the area is undoubtedly the best place to go to our beach vacation. The Spanish islands in the Mediterranean Sea are known for white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. On the other hand islands in Atlantic Ocean bays are lush green and are known for cutting edge cuisine. The sand of these islands is sparkling white and some Islands combine with world largest volcanoes that add to the thrill.


Barcelona is a must visit city if you want to experience the cultural sites and architectural marvels of Spain. There are ranges of swimming and sporting option in the Mediterranean Sea that one can get indulged in Barcelona. The daunting Sagrada Familia Cathedral designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi is also worth a visit. Sipping sangria in a beach side café could be a pleasure. You must also stroll up to La Rabmblas which is a world famous street. After a full dose of sightseeing, you can either swim in the Mediterranean Sea or go for a nice cruise which will drop you on some Costa Brava coast.

Balearic Islands

Located around 200 miles of the Spanish coast towards the Western side of Mediterranean Sea, the main islands on islands are Minorca, Majorca, Formentera and Ibiza. The Balearic Islands are known for its medieval villages, hidden beaches, lush landscapes and lively nightlife. There are some world-class nightclubs on the island. In order to enjoy crystal-clear turquoise water, deserted white sand beaches, and party atmosphere of Ibiza, you must visit these islands.


The largest off seven islands in the Canaries – the Tenerife is located in Atlantic Ocean and the main feature on this island is an active volcano. Majority of tourist enjoy sunbathing on its natural black sand beaches that have been a creation from the volcanic ash from Teide volcano. Swimming and kayaking are favorite activities because of more than 28 species of dolphins and whales that reside inside the eastern Atlantic coast. Tenerife is also known for luxurious beach resorts.

San Sebastian

San Sabestian is present near the Bay of Biscay. This picture-perfect resort town is known for cutting-edge gastronomic scene. You can enjoy walking on the town’s boardwalk that is made of wood. Watching the gentle waves that keep on rolling on the shore can be a mesmerizing experience. You can also experience the Basque old town area that was constructed way back in 19 century and still host a number of shops and bars.

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