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Opening A Non-resident Account In Spain
By:Adal Bert

Traveling to Spain for an extended period of time necessitate opening a non-resident bank account. Credit card fees, ATM fees and charges for using debit cards in a foreign cash machine or for that matter in a store, can cost you quite a lot, sometimes up to $8 per use. In case, you stay in Spain is going to be for a longer period of time, you can make accessing your money easy by opening in non-president bank account in Spain.

You will only require your valid passport, proof of address, Internet, computer, Spanish dictionary and Spanish P.O. Box for opening a bank account and using it. The first step goes towards choosing the bank. La Caixa is a recommended bank since it is easily accessible in almost all parts of Spain. It is also the cheapest option for non-resident bank account. You can also ask for recommendation by Spanish locals as they are quite friendly and will be open to share their thoughts on various banks in the area. Make sure that the bank that you choose has several branches so that you can easily access their ATM machines without paying any extra costs.

You also will need to get a local address for bank would correspond with you. Some banks may also not require any local address. In case the local address is urgency and you do not have one, you can always hire a P.O. Box at any Spanish local post office.

Go to the bank and open a non-resident bank account by furnishing necessary documents like passports, proof of address etc. You'll need to go to a bank assistant or a teller who will direct you with the procedure of opening in non-resident background which is known as Cuenta Corriente in Spanish. You may also bring a Spanish translator along while you're visiting bank so that you can complete all formalities and proper and correct procedure. You will also need to pay a fees for non-resident bank account to the bank. The fees will be nominated and will cost you around three euros per year. These include maintenance and other charges. Be certain that there are at least five euros in your bank account all the time.

After the account has been opened, you can start using your debit or credit cards but make sure that whenever you take cash out, you do it only from that specific bank ATM so that you do not have to pay steep service fees.

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