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Why Would You Want To Live In St. Petersburg? - Russia
By:Roberto Bell

So much has changed since the dissolution of the U.S.S.R. Life in the cities has gotten much h easier for citizens and that holds true for the city of St. Petersburg. No longer do the citizens of St. Petersburg have to make do with dining on beetroots and pickled cucumbers. The quality and diversity of products that are available has increased tremendously.

As more people are able to own cars, the ability to drive to larger food venues and buy supplies in bulk allow for more competition amongst those venues that are located in the smaller cities. St. Petersburg is one of the few cities that are able to purchase petrol at much lower rates than the rest of Europe. Not only is it cheaper to buy petrol and necessities, it has become less expensive to eat out in the hundreds of cafes, bars and restaurants in St. Petersburg that cater to budgets large and small.

Things to See and Do in St. Petersburg

Museums in St. Petersburg are gathered in a single area and those that are interested in art, history and other forms of culture can be kept busy for weeks with things to see and do. One can visit the State Hermitage Museum and St. Isaac's Cathedral. These are just two of the attractions at this time with many more in the works.

Unfortunately St. Petersburg doesn't cater to those with disabilities and almost nothing has been done to assist them when it comes to getting around the city. If you are in a wheelchair it is said that accessing St. Petersburg venues is just as impossible as trying to get around the city.

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