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Top 10 Places to Visit in Switzerland
By:Caroline Hawthorn

Switzerland offers great opportunities for the tourists to enjoy its great beauty, historical and cultural landmarks and many more great attractions this great country has to offer. No matter if you visit Switzerland in summer or winter you can do anything your mind conceives.

Listed below you will find Top 10 places every traveler coming to Switzerland should see.

1. Basel is a great vacation destination to embark on in Switzerland. The city of Basel if divided into 2 major areas called Great Basel and Little Basel that are separated by the Rhine River. They are connected by 6 big bridges. This beautiful city is home to many pharmaceutical companies. Despite the changes of the modern civilization, Basel still possesses the aura of the middle ages with the plethora of beautiful historical buildings and structures. Basel is best explored by the railroad system or ferries that will let you enjoy its ancient beauty from the water.

2. Bern, the capital of Switzerland is definitely worth seeing since it is a place where Einstein concluded his greatest mathematic formulas, the birthplace of chocolate bar Toblerone and finally the place where Emmental (Swiss) cheese was invented. Apart from that, Bern is simply a stunning place to see beautiful towers, sandstone buildings and gorgeous fountains. Do not miss swimming in the river Aare with its crystal clear water that is especially refreshing in the summer after you have visited Bern's multiple historical and cultural landmarks.

3. Zermatt located at the foot of Matterhorn is a unique destination for any visitor to Switzerland. Where else can you go skiing in the summer? Zermatt offers multiple glacier skiing possibilities, hiking trails, cable cars and many more attractions. Zermatt ski resort could be easily explored by foot to admire its beautiful old streets, charming restaurants and plenty of shopping.

4. Geneva is a beautiful nature's oasis that is also an international stage for hosting many important gatherings. Geneva is also a place with many head offices of major world organizations. Jet D'Eau is the absolute tallest fountain in the world that is a signature symbol of Geneva. Check out the Natural History Museum, Horology Museum and multiple cathedrals and rose gardens that will make you vacation in Geneva unforgettable.

5. Zurich is the financial, cultural and historical center of Switzerland and simply must be included when you visit Switzerland. Zurich is home to the largest selection of museums and art galleries. The Opera House is considered one of the central points to attract world class performers and trendsetters of the music world. The Old Town of Zurich is a collection of the most spectacular shops, high end dining places with old European flair.

6. Lucerne is a true symbol of Switzerland combining stunning picture worthy views completed with incredible historic significance. Downtown Lucerne is a perfect medieval setting with brick paved street, historical buildings and a myriad of hotels, restaurants and shops. The most famous attraction of this picturesque village is to take a tour along the Chapel Bridge laid over the river Reuss.

7. Lake Lugano is a spectacular area in Switzerland well known for its mild climate and a plethora of things to do for even the most demanding tourist. When Mediterranean climate and beautiful natural majesty is mixed with Swiss practicality, the result is always a breathtaking place to visit during your vacation. You will have plenty of opportunities to explore Lake Lugano area up to the mountains or down to the multiple Italian style villages with endless selection of shopping, entertainment and restaurants.

8. Altdorf is a capital of canton Uri in Switzerland and has rich historical and cultural influence mostly connected to William Tell story. The story takes its roots to the beginning of the 14th century when William Tell, an expert shot with a crossbow, killed Gessler the new ruler of Altdorf who was widely known for his tyranny and brutality. The assassination subsequently led to a rebellion and struggle that resulted in the formation of Swiss Confederation.

9. St Gallen metropolis has a charming old Europe atmosphere to it with the most sought after attraction, Baroque Cathedral with its famous Abbey Library which was made a UNESCO world heritage in 1983. St Gallen is a scholarly town with its main focus on economic sciences. Take a picturesque bike path to lead you to the gorgeous Lake Constance.

10. Chatteau de Chillon is simply a must see attraction while visiting Lake Geneva area. This stunning medieval castle could be reached by walking, riding a bus, biking or by boat to fully admire its strict beauty. This 13th century building is considered one of the best preserved castles in the world. It's strategically protected by the mountains from one side and cold waters of Lake Geneva from the other making unnoticed attack virtually impossible. Take a personally guided tour to lead you through grand upstairs bedrooms, kitchen, and the Great Hall of the Count. Finally take steep downstairs to visit the dungeon that had imprisoned Francois Bonivard and feel its menacing atmosphere of the medieval times. Chatteau de Chillon should not be missed when you visit visit Switzerland

Caroline Hawthorn is one of the fellow contributors of the travel blog at www.TravelInformation123.com.

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