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The Great Adventure of Traveling to Germany
By:Jim Ada

Are you in for a new adventure? Then visit the colorful cities of Germany with amazing architecture, fabulous shopping and endless nightlife. It is considered the land of a thousand possibilities because there's always something happening in this county. It is known for its medieval villages, traditional wine villages and friendly festivals. Castles, palaces and abbeys that have colorful and meaningful histories are also abundant in this country. It is the perfect place for fun & sport, wellness & relaxation.

Germany's natural landscapes offer a number of options for possible activities that you would want for an unforgettable holiday. The scenery along its long sandy beaches on the coasts and lake shores, enchanting lowland plains, extensive ranges of hills and the high peaks of the Alps are perfectly beautiful. Whether you want to explore it leisurely, or you want a relaxing break, or you want to engage in a sports activity, this is the place for you.

Most people prefer to visit this country during the months of May and September when the weather is most likely sunny. This is also the peak season for vacations in Germany. A lot of activities are popular in this season, especially outdoor events such as hiking, cycling and swimming. Most festivals also occur during this time. March to May and October to early November are the months when there are fewer tourists. During the months of April and May, the weather can be mild and sunny. But during November and early March, the skies are mostly gloomy. During this time, more people travel to Germany for the purpose of skiing in the Bavarian Alps. Places that you will want to see in Germany include Bavaria, Berlin and Brandenburg, Frankfurt am Main, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland.

Germany is full of traditions and festivals, that happen all year around. One of the most popular festivals takes place in a two-week period and is celebrated through late September and early October. It is known as the Oktoberfest and it takes place in Munich. Breweries prepare beers especially for Oktoberfest. And lots of people go to the city just to try these delicious beers made for the occasion.

The amount of money you will need depends largely on what kind of traveler you are, the activities you want to engage in, the specific places you want to visit, and the time or season you're visiting, are some of the factors you should consider when you decide to travel to the beautiful country. Although Germany is a fairly inexpensive country, consider these factors to determine how much you are ready to spend for your vacation.

Have a wonderful time in Germany.

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