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Enjoying Charming Lyon, France
By:Silviu-Florin Salomia

I had the privilege to walk its streets for almost three days and was still not finished with the wonders of this city. As a traveler, you would really love to get lost in Lyon. There are hundreds of small treasures to be discovered that are not part of any tourist guide. Lyon is one the few cities that is part of the UNESCO World heritage Sites with most of its historic center. One feature that everyone will love it for is the layout of the city, leaving from the Roman sites and medieval attractions on the steep hill and continuing with the more modern part that lay under it.

Lyon had a constant development from Roman times, the ruins of old temples and theaters still stand in amazing shape. A spectacular tour of the city would start from the top of the hill, with an amazing view over the city and its two rivers. The vestiges of the Roman theater, baths and fort lay at your feet and are worth a visit. Continuing your walk towards the top of the hill, the tourist can find the amazing Fourviere Basilica that shines in an unbelievable white color. With its high towers and intricate details, this is the one site to be remembered forever. It watches over the city and from here you can see far away from morning all through the night. At night, this place becomes an enchanting place, especially for people looking from the city uphill. Still wondering these places, it would be good to visit the Fourviere museum and the Museum of the Gallo-Roman Civilization.

Having started your enchanting walk through these sites, most tourists head down in the Old Lyon (Vieux Lyon), but you should still hold on for a few hours. Behind the basilica, there is an entirely new view of the city that is worth seeing in the morning. The old roofs of houses in the Croix-Rousse quarter are equally beautiful. When you had enough of the heights, head down the hill towards the two rivers. Before crossing over to Presque-Ile, which in English would translate into "Almost an Island" - maybe another example of French humor, stay in the Old Town, because there are plenty to see and do.

This is one of the most crowded areas with valuable tourist attractions tourists can ever encounter. From the beautiful Saint-Jean Cathedral to the most intriguing Museum of Miniatures and Cinema Decors, things are always in motion here. The stones in the cobbled streets might also have a story of their own in the Old Town. Other place worth visiting are old vestiges of churches, St. Paul Church, old houses and small antique shops. You should definitely take your time exploring this area, since you could miss on extraordinary things, like the painted facade of an entire building with realistic people from the history of Lyon.

When you are done with the Old Town, hop over one of the beautiful bridges to Presque-Ile. This area is almost surrounded by the rivers Rhone and Saone, that converge within the city. Here the passionate traveler can also discover small wonders, the biggest being the Bellecour Square with official building and the statue of Louis the XIV. Other beautiful attractions are the Gothic churches, the Jacobins Square, The Opera or the City Hall. Discovering this area also, you can just pass the ultimate frontier, which in the case is not space, but the Saone River. The modern city has expanded as long as one can see from the Fourviere and there are things to see and do beyond this point. Other important areas for tourists are the Croix-Rousse hills and the Parc de la Tete d'Or (Golden Head Park) one of the most beautiful and charming parks you can ever encounter.

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