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Munich, Germany
By:Hannah Rollmaker

Home to about 1.35 million people Munich is considered as Germany's third largest city following the first two "Berlin" and "Hamburg". The population of Munich Metropolitan region is about 5 million people.

The location of Munich is basically the plains of upper side of Bavaria. The two famous rivers which flow inside the boundaries of Munich are known as "Isar" and "Würm".

The climatic conditions are extreme both in winters and summers. The city of Munich often receives unexpected rainfalls at any time and day of the year. The winter season starts in December and remains up to March. The temperature in the winter season can even falls below 0 degrees in nights. The city of Munich does not receive most of the rainfalls during winter season. Summers are really hot in Munich as the temperature can reach up to 25 degrees. The summer season remains from May to September.

Munich is considered as a masterpiece of architecture as the constructions of the city display some of the features regarding historical era, having a style of modern world constructions. As a result most of the buildings in Munich have emerged as city's most prestigious places. Out of some buildings "The Great Town Hall" has been a destination of tourists for hundreds of years.

Along with these buildings Munich is considered as the city of parks, as the city itself is rich in natural beauty and greenery so utilizing this factor the government of Munich has transformed this natural beauty into some wonderful and beautiful parks, out of all these parks the largest is known as "Englischer Garten", the park has a covered area of about 3.7 square kilometres which is even bigger than the biggest park in the New York City. The park from inside is very beautiful and contains lots of facilities as "nudist area", grounds and jogging tracks. Also several benches made of wood are placed all over the park.

In the field of museums, Munich has also some great museums. As the museum "Deutsches Museum" is one of the oldest and largest museums of the world in the field of science.

In the field of sports football is the most watched game in all of the Germany and in this field Munich is on the top of every city in the country. The football team from Munich is one of the most successful clubs in Europe and is named as "Bayern Munich". The team has number of players which also play in the German national team. The home ground of the team is situated in the heart of Munich and is named as "The Allianz Arena". The biggest quality of this stadium which differentiates it from all the other stadiums of the world is its lighting arrangement. When Bayern Munich play in the stadium then the outside of the stadium is lit up red, and when the German national Team uses the stadium for matches with other national teams, then the stadium from outside is totally white, another small team named as "1860 Munich" also uses the stadium and if they are playing, The Allianz Arena becomes blue from outside.

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