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All About Working In Qatar (Work)
By:Geetika Jain

Working in the Gulf comes with its share of challenges and rewards. There are loads of expatriates who move to the Gulf each year to pursue a career full of dreams. While Dubai is the most popular destination to work in the Gulf, other Gulf states also welcome expatriates and offer good opportunities. Qatar is one such destination. Working in Qatar too comes with lot of monetary advantages along with some getting used to living in the country. To get a job in Qatar, one needs to follow a set procedure and also needs to know about the country beforehand. Lifestyle and the culture in Qatar would be very different from the country of your residence if you live outside Gulf. To fully enjoy one’s stay here, it requires some getting used to.

While money remains the biggest puller for Qatar jobs, the lifestyle and the country in itself is also welcoming. In fact, money is the main attraction that attracts trained foreign workforce into the Gulf. The compensation offered is handsome and the best part is that no tax is deducted from the salary. So, whatever one earns is for one to keep. This is the main driver of people into the Gulf. They come here to make huge savings for life. In a job in Qatar, you can enjoy more than just money. It is a nice place to work in that offers a superior life style. One can easily hire domestic help in the home and enjoy on the money earned. Alcohol is allowed unlike some other Gulf countries and there is tolerance towards clothing and dressing style. Also, geographically, it is not that the whole country is an arid desert. There is a lot of greenery and efforts are being taken to improve it aesthetically.

To get a job in Qatar, you need to apply to a suitable job through recruitment agencies or a job site or directly to the company. Once, you are selected your employer will call you for an interview and other formalities. This trip is paid by the employer only. Once you are selected for the post, your employer will have to send a letter to the Ministry of Civil Service and Housing Affairs to seek permission to employ you. Once that permission is granted, the labour department requires a copy of the employment contract. Apart from this, the other documents required include- a letter from the family sponsor giving permission to work, original academic and professional qualifications and their photocopies, two photographs, original passports and ID and photocopies of you and your family sponsor. It is advisable to submit only the photocopies of all documents unless the originals are asked for. Your employer will act as your sponsor to get you into the country.
If you move in with your family, your spouse or any other relative would require a licence to work. However, women who wish to take up a job in Qatar, and are already on a family sponsorship would not further require a separate work permit. All they need to do is to get themselves registered as a working woman at the Labour Department. They require a formal signed permission letter of the sponsor for this. For women, employment in Qatar is opening up these days. A lot of Qatari women are also working while wives of expatriates working in Qatar also take up jobs during their stint here. Women are entitled to the same salaries, training and promotion opportunities but they are not hired for any type of hazardous work. Women are advised to wear non-revealing clothes with full sleeves and trousers although covering head is not mandatory.

If you are looking for a job in Qatar, try to get employment in a big international company because they are more reliable and offer better benefits and perks. It is good to avoid small firms and start-ups as they are under the danger of going bust anytime leaving their employees in the lurch. Big companies take care of their employees and offer handsome salaries along with other residential, travel and holiday benefits. The employment contracts are written in Arabic. They are translated into English or any other foreign language but in case of a discrepancy in translation, the Arabic version is adhered to. One must go through the contract very carefully and get to know all other details regarding the job profile, pay package, promotion, dismissal rules and duration etc clearly before agreeing to the job. Once this is taken care of, a job in Qatar could be a very rewarding experience.

Geetika Jain writes on behalf of www.NaukriGulf.com, a leading job portal jobs in Gulf Region,and Jobs in Qatar, Middle East jobs. Naukri.com's foray into the Middle East is an Endeavour to provide established client base with services that best meet their international requirements as well as expand our operations on to a global arena.

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