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Discover 7 Important Tips on How to Relocate to France
By:Benny Horowitz

Here are 7 important tips on how to relocate to France. Start with the obvious; learning the language if you don't already know it. The first thing to do is to go visit the area of France you are thinking about moving to. If you are married, bring your spouse. Explore the area you want to live, check out some houses for sale, look for shopping conveniences and the costs associated with living there.

The second tip is to find out if you need a visa, or passport. If you need a visa, check with the French Consulate to determine if you need a student visa, a long-stay visa or a work visa. It takes about 8 weeks so be sure to apply early enough. You have to apply for your visa from your country of residence.

Third, make sure you have all the required documents; you have to prove you have enough money to support yourself; at least 1000 Euros per month should be sufficient. Save copies of all documents you used to apply for your visa, you'll need them to apply for your resident card (carte de sejour) when you arrive in France.

The fourth tip on how to relocate to France is to start making arrangements for your furniture and other household goods to be moved. Or have a great yard sale so you can buy brand new French furniture! Appliances are best purchased there anyway as France's power is different than the US.

My fifth tip is to close your accounts, cancel memberships, newspapers, and change your address for magazines and other periodicals. You will also need to notify any credit or loan companies of your move; I suggest paying them off before you relocate to France so you can start with a clean, unencumbered slate.

Next is the sixth tip; have your accommodations planned well in advance; have the house cleaned, utilities turned on, including the phone. If you're renting, same as getting a house ready except make sure the rent & deposit is paid and your furniture arrives on time.

The seventh tip I have to offer before you relocate to France is actually several bits of miscellaneous information; France has three time zones, they use the Metric System, speed is registered as Kilometers per hour (KPH), imperial gallons are used, time is in military format, not am or pm and the temperature is in Celsius not Fahrenheit.

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Benny Horowitz is a hobbist traveller that's written dozens of articles on the subject of travelling and relocating to help you when traveling to a foregin country.

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