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Turkey: Survival Turkish for ESL Teachers (Languages)
By:Robin Day and Hussain Eser <cowboy4444@hotmail.com>

These key expressions were collected thanks to Hussain Eser, a Turkish barber working in Kuwait. He says that Turkish has absorbed words and expressions from all around, French, Arabic, Italian. Turkish is basically a central Asian language derived from the ancient home range of the nomadic and settled Turks in the central and eastern Steppes, as in present Turkestan. The grammer is similar to Korean and several other Asian languages with the verb at the end of a sentence.

1. O-tur. Sit down.
2. Gyal. Come here.
3. Yap-ma. Don't do that.
4. Ya-vash. Slowly.
5. Ah-gel-ley. Hurry, faster.
6. Sus. Be quiet.
7. Dikkat. Be careful.
8. I love you. Sini-severum.
9. Bini-op. Give me a kiss.
10. Doss. Dirty.
11.Temeez. [It's] Clean.
12. Sil-gi. Eraser.
13. Gu-zal. Good or nice.
14. Nazik (feminine) kibar (masculine). Polite.
15. Terbiyesiz. Rude. Kaba. Very rude.
16. Burda. Here.
17. Orda. There.
18. Shim-di. Now.
19. Tekrar. Again.
20. Tekrar-la-mak. Repeat after me.
21. Tesheku (-aedaerim). Thank you.
22. Sira. [Make a] Line.
23. Halka. [Make a] ring or circle.
24. Hi-er. No.
25. Eh-vet. Yes.
26. Mer-ha-ba. (or Salam) Hello.
26. Geh-legula. Good bye.

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