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Gyenggido Anyangsi
By:[email protected] <[email protected]>
Date: 31 July 2014

HiEnglish Korea, the #1 foreign language external education institute, provides courses not only in English, Chinese and Japanese but also in Indonesian, Russian and many other languages.
We are currently providing language services to top 30 corporations such as Samsung, SK ENS, LG, SPC Group, LS, Korean Horse Affairs Association, Kolon and Woongjin.
HiEnglish Korea is currently recruiting qualified English teachers in the OO area.

[Myenglishjob] [Gyengido Anyangsi ]Tues Thurs 8~9Am /Group

Location: [Gyengido Anyangsi Manyingu]
Schedule:Tues Thurs 8~9Am /Group
Type: Group
Subject: English
Level: Basic English
Korea Female

Contact Information [Manager : Paul Jeon]
Office : 070-7169-0717
Email : [email protected] - register your resume on our website then we will contact you the first!!
If you find a job position and upload your resume on our site,,
you will get free advertisement of job positions around area where your address is shown.
Thank you! To see more information, please visit our homepage.
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