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Gangnam Gucheng
By:Myenglishjob <[email protected]>
Date: 23 July 2014

[Gangnam Gucheng]Tuesday Thursday/ 7:00~8:30am / 1on1

Location: [Gangnam Gucheng]
Schedule: Tuesday Thursday/ 7:00~8:30am
Type: 1on1
Subject: English
Level: Upper Intermediate
Prefer to Gyopo [F4visa]

Contact Information [Manager : Paul Jeon]
Office : 070-7169-0717
Email : [email protected]

1. * Your payment will be increased systemically if you demonstrated punctuality and responsibility.
* Unlike part time positions from other recruiting agencies, Based on your teaching performance and administrative support to HiEnglish, we will increase your payment rate every six months accordingly.
2. A professional staff will assist you with student attendance, teaching material and schedule management.
3. A lot of fixed and stable teaching positions HiEnglish has will secure your income.

Contact Information [Manager : Paul Jeon]
Office : 070-7169-0717
Email : [email protected]

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