ESL Jobs in Korea

Dongtan near Seoul
By:Christina <>
Date: 29 March 2018

ASAP, Nov, 2.5mil, Dongtan, Hwasung city, Gyeonggido
Near Sedongtan station

1. Working Hours: 1pm-9.30pm
2. Salary: 2.1~2.5mil (Depends on experience)
4. Vacation: 10 days + National holidays
5. Severance: the same as one month payment upon completion of 1yr contract
6. Medical insurance and Pension: 50% paid by the school
7. Housing- Furnished Studio or housing allowance
8. Air fare- One way
9. Start: ASAP

Personal note: I've lived in Dongtan myself, and it's a beautiful place, similar to Bundang. It's got lots of shopping areas, but also big open parks, and very clean. I loved it. It's also attached to Seoul Subway lines.

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