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By:ADRIAN Kenneth KEEFE <logicalenglish@gmail.com>
Date: 7 February 2019

Curriculum Vitae

Adrian Keefe BA [Politics & History]; MA [Literary Studies]; MA [History Research: The Stolen Generations]; Candidate PhD [Doctor of Indigenous Philosophies].
Logical English: English, Communications; Language, Literacy and Numeracy [LLN]; Literature and Literary Culture
PO Box 18
Tabulam NSW Australia
+61 2 66661428


2002-18 Director, Logical English: Communications Training, Tabulam
NSW, 2469, Australia
[Voluntary Contribution to Advancement of Indigenous Australians]

2010-18 Logical English Consultancy:

China: Director of Studies [Curriculum Development], Tianhua College of Shanghai Normal University. 2017
China: Director of Studies, Chengdu Vocational and Technical College,
Sichuan Province, China. 2016
Australia: [Logical English Consultancy] 2002-2017
Iraq: University of Human Development, Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan North Iraq. 2016
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: [Royal Riyadh Conference Palace, Riyadh, Accor
Hotels Senior Management, Business Communications and English, Riyadh and Jeddah]; 2014-2015
Papua New Guinea: [Star Mountains Institute of Technology, Tabubil]; 2013
Yemen [MAO School, Yemenia University, Taiz], 2012
Lebanon [Sabis] 2010
China [EF Chongqing, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang; International College of
HBNU, Huangshi, Hubei; and International Division of Number 9 High School, Harbin] 2010-2011

Employment on Contract

2009 [January-November] Bangladesh English Language Teacher Trainer,
Khulna Teachers College, Teligati, Khulna, Bangladesh

2008 [February-December] Strathfield College Education Program, Director of
Studies, Hunan Institute of Engineering, Xiangtan City, Hunan, PR China

2007 [March 2007-December 2007] Course Director of English Language Studies, Rustaq Teachers’ College, Sultanate of Oman

2006 [June 2006-February 2007] Head Teacher, English Department, Fujin Bilingual School, Fujin, Heilongjiang, China

2005 [August 2005-June 2006] Lecturer in American Cultural Studies and
Literature, English Writing, Henan Normal University, Henan, China

2004 [August 2004-July 2005] Lecturer in Oral English, American Literature and Foreign Cultural Studies Pingyuan University, Henan, China

2000 [January 2000- August 2004] Manager of Jobs Australia, Job Network Member, Inverell, NSW Australia

1978-89 General Manager Commercial Trading and Hospitality Company,
Coltra Enterprises, Papua New Guinea. Managed Wabag Lodge for Enga Provincial Government; Established commercial and hospitality school in highlands province of Enga.

1972-77 General Manager, Chobe Game Lodge, Five Star luxury resort hotel in Central Southern African country of Botswana. Established school and training scheme for Botswana Tourist and Hospitality Industry.

Published works:
1. Rane [2002 Sydney].
2. Gaberdine [2004 Sydney]
3. Dirrangun: River Witch of Jubullum [2004 Sydney]
4. Dark Matter of Existence [2007 Brisbane]
5. It is Here that Men Can Fly [2010 Brisbane]
6. Reductionist Trends in American English: A Study in Lazy Language [2012 Sydney]

NTIS CODE: 91223 ABN: 53 099 820 381 CRICOS PROVIDER: 02736K

To Whom It May Concern

Mr Adrian Keefe was employed by Strathfield College to undertake the duties and responsibilities of developing, managing and ensuring the quality assurance for the English Program at Hunan Institute of Engineering from 4 February 2008 until 2 December 2008.

Mr Keefe’s salary and expenses were paid from Australia by Strathfield College.

As Director of Studies Mr Keefe successfully implemented the English Program to enable students to qualify for postgraduate studies in English at the University of Southern Queensland. Chinese teachers were inculcated into the Australian Literacy Methodology and students were introduced to current language training techniques.

Mr Keefe proved to be a popular Director of Studies and his legacy of good humour and immersion language theatre provide the foundation for future English Program development at Hunan Institute of Engineering.

Yours faithfully

Janette Nicholls
Vice Principal
Strathfield College
Suite 510, Level 5, 451 Pitt Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000 Australia Telephone: (61 2) 71580338



English Department

North Campus

Jianshe Lu

Xinxiang Henan China

To whom it may concern

My good friend and colleague, Mr Adrian Keefe, an Australian teacher, was the first foreign teacher at my Pingyuan University and he kicked off his stay with us in August 2004 and left us a year later in 2005.

Adrian is a person of great personal integrity, with high moral and ethical standards. He has a happy home environment; he and his wife, Caron, work wonders together. He is acclaimed for his directness, generosity, kindness and cultural sensitivity.

As a pal and colleague I admire him very much, I treat him as my model.

Adrian is such a good teacher that he always can be able to infect his students with his own keenness for his subject so all his students respect and love him.

Adrian holds good cooperation with his colleagues. He is amiable and cooperative in his work. His sense of duty together with his educated mind inspires him to finish his work with flying colors.

I have no hesitation in recommending him as a reliable, dedicated hardworking man with skills that are of particular relevance in community welfare and development planning. What is more important is that Adrian loves China and Chinese culture and holds great admiration for Chinese tradition and history.

Should you require any further information I can be contacted by email.

Yours sincerely

Lu Xiaoming
Head of Cool English Studio [Private]
Chinese Department
Pingyuan University
March 1st, 2007 luxiaomingcoolenglish@hotmail.com

Henan Normal University

46# East of Construction Road



China 453007

To whom it May Concern

Mr Adrian Keefe of Australia was employed by Henan Normal University in the capacity of Lecturer in English Writing and American Cultural Studies from August 2005 until July 2006.

Adrian is an excellent teacher. He is intelligent, dedicated, articulate, and effective. He is popular with students.

He is a humourous man given to making friends easily. With his wife of thirty years, Caron, he moved into Chinese society easily and has left a valuable and positive impression upon all whom he met during his times in China.

We will miss him and his enthusiastic support for the advancement of his students.

Contact me for further supportive information.

Feng Guolin
Senior Lecturer
English Department
1st March 2007
Email: heshidafengguolin@hotmail.com


وروستاك كلية التربية

Mr Adrian Keefe was employed in 2007 as a Teacher of English.
His term of employment was subsequently upgraded to Course Director after the College redirected its curricular in terms of international tertiary demands. The College thereafter focused its English teaching on acquiring positions overseas for its undergraduates.
As the then incumbent Dean has moved back to his Alma Mater in Cairo it is difficult to assess Mr Keefe’s duties other than to observe that our records show an above average success rate for the students of that year. It is my observation that Mr Keefe successfully established partnerships with the University of Southern Queensland and Deakin University (both Australian). Our records indicate seven RCE students were enrolled within either of these two Australian institutions.

I hope this brief has been of some assistance.

Yours faithfully
بسيمل نية ف
Basim Muftin Al Shammari [Prof]


I have known Adrian Keefe since 1962, both as a good friend and from time to time as a professional colleague. Adrian is a person of great personal integrity with high moral and ethical standards.

I have observed his young family develop both in Papua New Guinea and in
Australia, often in circumstances verging on extreme hardship. At all times Adrian displayed his characteristic qualities of perseverance and patient determination, which together with his high level of personal motivation led ultimately to his being able to pursue studies of his choice.

With the support of his wife Caron he undertook a Bachelor of Arts degree by correspondence, and went on to successfully complete an MA and a PhD also by distance education. He achieved this during difficult economic times in Australia and it is to his credit that he managed his tertiary education whilst educating his children and moving interstate in search of employment.

During his period in Papua New Guinea Adrian demonstrated his skills as a cross-cultural communicator, becoming well accepted in many village communities. He managed a commercial retail and wholesale complex in Wabag and lent his services to the Enga Provincial Government to rebuild Wabag Lodge. He has good analytical and administrative skills and is a good supervisor within a work group. His additional achievements are widespread, including the building of a school and an important role teaching villagers and employees rudimentary English and commercial subjects.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a reliable, dedicated, hardworking man, with skills that are of particular relevance in community welfare and development planning.

Should you require any further information I can be contacted by telephone on
675 7322897

Yours sincerely

Chris Owen
National Film Institute
P.O.Box 975, Goroka, Papua New Guinea
Tel. 675 7322897 Fax: 675 7322938
Email: nfi@global.net.pg


I have had the pleasure of knowing Adrian Keefe since 2013 when we worked in Tabubil, Papua New Guinea. Adrian was developing a program in Language, Literacy and Numeracy. Since we left Tabubil, we have remained in regular contact, including spending time whilst working in Saudi Arabia.
Adrian is a walking encyclopaedia and language expert, not just in English. What he doesn’t know has not yet been recorded, however, he is the person you require if you wish to record any written work for posterity.
Adrian’s strengths are experience, knowledge, expertise and the common touch. He related to everyone with whom he came into contact in Papua New Guinea and Saudi Arabia. Students enjoy him as a teacher because of his teaching style that enhances their learning and outcomes. He has time for everyone and has the ability to bring out the best effort in each student.
Adrian is extremely articulate and should be the first person you seek to proofread any document prior to publication. His proactive interpersonal skills ensure a collaborative and team environment.
His enthusiasm and energy makes you question its accuracy. The best decision one can make is employ Adrian in any capacity to improve an organisation’s achievement outcomes, and obviously its future success.
I support Adrian’s application, without hesitation.
Yours sincerely,
Dr Ken Darvall
PO Box CO 864
Ghana kdarvall@gmail.com


Southern Cross University
20 April 2016

Student ID96407015
Adrian Kenneth Keefe
Student History Report

Master of Arts Qualifying
Australian Indigenous Societies Prior to Invasion
First Semester Enquiry I

Doctor of Indigenous Philosophies
Indigenous Research Theory and Practice
Session 1
20 April 2016
Credit Points
End of Record


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