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By:Joese Burgos <burjosv@gmail.com>
Date: 12 December 2018


Location: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Marital Status: Single
Phone number: +5049585****
Email: Burjosv@gmail.com

Spanish: Native, English: C2. Duolingo Scientific English Test Score: 92/100 - TOEIC: 104/120
Applications: Power School, Atlas, MAP, Trello, Photoshop, Schoology, Edmodo, Google Tools, Microsoft Office, SchoolFront, Social Networks, Edmodo, Big Blue Bottom, Skype, Zoom, and others


ENGLISH TEACHER - Bachelor’s in education, with an English major from the Pedagogical University of Venezuela (2013). Advanced university program focused on pedagogy, language acquisition, philosophy, psychology of learning, language learning theories and methodology, linguistics, phonetics and phonology, English literature, and curriculum development.
Achievements: First in Class, simultaneous studies (Music Education), Talentum Award for outstanding academic and extracurricular performance, volunteer teacher assistant, English Cultural Secretary at the student center, one semester of internship teaching middle school students within the public education system.


LIFE COACHING Certificate, online certificate course by the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology (Achology) to enhance one’s own life and become equipped with the tools to coach yourself and others, either formally or informally (2018).

Real LEDGE TEACHER, Training program on Leading Economic Development through Global Entrepreneurship. (Honduras, 2017), Achievements: Nominated for a scholarship by education and entrepreneurship nonprofit Real LEDGE, and later mentor and teacher trainers.

TESOL Certificate, School for International Training and Centro Espiral Mana,(Costa Rica, 2016)
Nominated for a full scholarship by the Department of State and the United States Embassy of Venezuela. TESOL Methodology, ECRIF, language learning theories, learning portfolio and 1 month practicum.

PSA Nominee. Online language teaching methodologies and platforms for language learning.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SKILLS Diploma, University Bicentenaria of Aragua (Venezuela, 2016)
Advanced diploma in Business Management Skills: SWOT, feasibility study, Balanced Scorecard, business
coaching, business development, time management, negotiation, assertiveness.

ADVANCED COURSE IN THE SCIENCE OF YOGA Diploma University of Carabobo (Venezuela, 2014) A 220-hour advanced course in nutrition, philosophy, physiology and psychology of yoga. Nominated for a 50% tuition scholarship by the Great Universal Brotherhood. Member of the Curriculum Development staff and later Teacher Trainer.

ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE Course (B2), The Language College, (Venezuela, 2007).


SOCIAL STUDIES AND ESL TEACHER (Honduras) - DelCampo International School – Jul. 2017 – current
Homeroom teacher. Developing accommodations for middle school and high school students with learning disabilities in the area of Social Studies and English as a Second Language. Curriculum development and delivery for 6th grade Gifted English students. Presenter at the School for Parents on Technology dependency.

ELA TEACHER AND DISCIPLINARY ADVISOR (Honduras) - Del Sol Montessori Bilingual School - 2016 – 2017
Disciplinary and behavior modification strategies developer for the School Counseling Team. Middle school and high school Teacher of Language Arts. US History teacher for middle school.

CO-FOUNDER AND TEACHER TRAINER (Venezuela)- Bravo Lingua, C.A. – Aug. 2015 – Feb. 2017
Head of the company in Venezuela. Strategic management, project management and teacher training. 7 people
under my charge and + 50 online SSL students from Russia, North and South America, Colombia, Venezuela and Germany.

DIRECTOR (Venezuela) - ASOCIM, Modern Language Academy – Nov. 2015 – Nov. 2016
Overseeing all the school operations, supporting the coordinators’ day-to-day activities, and reporting to the shareholders. Continuing Professional Development for language teachers, project management, sales and curriculum development.

ESL TEACHER (Venezuela)- US Embassy – SOS Children’s Village International - 2014 – 2016
Teaching English as a Second Language to vulnerable young learners (EYL) during the weekends.
Special lesson planning, enhancement activities, special immersion activities, immersion camp organizer, language coaching.

ESP TEACHER (Venezuela)- “Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador”. 2016
Nominated by my college professors to teach English for Specific Purposes one semester to undergraduate students at the IT undergraduate programs, focusing on reading comprehension techniques for IT-related texts

ACADEMIC COORDINATOR - Spanish Connector - Jan 2014 – July 2015
Promoted to this position for overseeing all academic activities of the online Spanish school.
Curriculum development, tailored education plans development, Spanish for Specific Purposes and virtual executive assistance.

Spanish Teacher - Spanish Connector – Apr. 2014 – May 2015
Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) via web conferencing for
English speakers around the world. Curriculum Development, Spanish for Specific Purposes, and communicative Spanish.

LANGUAGE COORDINATOR (Venezuela) – ASOCIM - Modern Languages Academy – 2012 – Apr. 2014
General Coordination of Modern Language Courses and Instrumental English. Materials design
for Instrumental English courses, teachers’ recruitment, sales, customer service, social network management,
designing customized programs for online English learning.

ESOL TEACHER (Venezuela) - ASOCIM - Modern Languages Academy - 2011- 2012
Teaching English to speakers of other languages with a communicative approach to young learners (EYL) and adults, to A1, A2, B1 & B2 learners from diverse countries.


Freelance YOGA INSTRUCTOR (Venezuela and Honduras) - 2014 – current
Yoga Instructor for adults and young learners. Group lessons and in-company classes. Yoga Teacher Trainer,
breathing training, mindfulness and guided meditation. Nominee Hatha Yoga teacher at special health events.

Freelance ESL/SPANISH TEACHER (Work from home online) – 2011- 2018
Private tutor of ESOL/ELA/ESL/ESP and SSL/SSP both online and F2F for learners all over the world and of all ages. Usually my students look for me for specific purposes such as developing test taking skills, improve scores at school, or to learn a new language.


LEADERSHIP PROGRAM COORDINATOR (Honduras) - Empower Honduras – Apr. 2017 – current
Head of the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program for Vulnerable Youth. Leadership trainer, curriculum development and program advisor. More than 60 vulnerable youth beneficiated. Winner of the International Alumni Engagement
Innovation Fund (2018) out of 1333 applications worldwide.

BUSINESS MENTOR (Honduras) - Real LEDGE Honduras – Aug. 2017
Real Ledge Teacher trainer’s Tutor and Business and elevator pitch mentor for four Young Women Entrepreneurs.
Finalists and winners of the Capital Seed at the Real LEDGE Business Model Competition - 2017.

COORDINATOR (Venezuela) of the English Immersion Camps, for the US Embassy and SOS Children’s Village Int. (2016) – Coordinating English language immersion camps for underprivilege youth from the ACCESS Micro-scholarship Programs. Creating unedited games and enhancement activities to teach English, culture and American values.


• Simon Bolivar, (2018) by The Student Council of DelCampo School, for showing care and inspiring students to fight for their rights. Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (2018) – U.S. Department of State program winners, among 1333 applicants worldwide. Outstanding Teacher (2017) – by Del Sol Montessori Bilingual School, for an “excellent performance as a teacher and outstanding relationships with students.” Acknowledgment (2017) - Cultural Hibueras, Bilingual School & Institute, for “valuable cooperation in the bilingual educational process” of the school. Diploma (2014) - Supreme Council of the ‘Great Universal Brotherhood’ for an “outstanding, valuable collaboration in extracurricular activities of the Advanced Diploma in the Science of Yoga.” First-Class Student (2013), Pedagogical University of Venezuela. Talentum Award (2011), Delivered annually to only 30 students of the ‘Pedagogical University of Maracay’, for an outstanding dedication to academic and extra-curricular activities.


 Presenter at the 3rd International Congress of Foreign Languages Teachers (University of Honduras, 2018)
 Presenter at the School for Parents at the Pedagogical University of Honduras (UPNFM, 2018)
 Presenter at the School for Parents at DelCampo International School (2018)
 Presenter at the 3rd and 4th annual Conference of International English Teachers HELTA TESOL – 2017, 2018
 Presenter at the XII Conference ‘Teachers Teaching Teachers’ at Escuela Internacional Sampedrana, (2017)
 Facilitator of the ‘Language Methodology Workshop’ at the National University of Honduras - (April 2017)
 Facilitator of the English Program for Teenagers, by the US Embassy (292 hours, 2014-2016)
 Facilitator of the Workshop English Phonetics, The Science of Pronunciation, by ASOCIM (2016)
 Facilitator - Teaching Yoga for Children, ‘Sadhana Yoga’ Institute, (15 hours - March 2014).
 Facilitator - Working with Focus on Grammar Interactive Platform, ‘ASOCIM - Modern Languages Academy’ (2013).
 Participant of the 1st Me/We Camp for young leaders and Entrepreneurs (Sept. 2018)
 Participant – International Congress of Yoga-2016, Great Universal Brotherhood and the Embassy of India in Venezuela, (37 hours).
 Participant – Going Beyond Instructional Materials in Venezuela, by ‘The US Embassy - Venezuela’ and ‘Venezuela Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages’, VenTESOL, (6 hours - June 2016).
 Participant – TESOL International Symposium, (May 2016).
 Participant – 34th VenTESOL National Convention - (16 hours - May 2016).
 Participant – Intensive Training for Access Teachers, sponsored by the US Embassy, Venezuela (May 2016)
 Participant – Designing Good Tests, by ‘ASOCIM - Modern Languages Academy’
 Participant - Sixth English for Children Workshop, ‘Pedagogical University of Maracay’, (8 hours - Feb 2015).
 Participant - Reactivating Teacher's Powers in ELT - VenTESOL, (8 hours - December 2014).
 Participant - Byte-Sized Digital Potential in a World of Possibilities – VenTESOL, (6 hours - August 2014).
 Coordinator - ACCESS Program Summer Camp 2014 - ‘US Embassy in Venezuela’ (32 hours - November 2014).
 Coordinator - English Immersion Camp 2014, ‘Pedagogical University of Maracay, (24 hours - June 2014).
 Participant - II Workshop for Professional Practice Reflection - ‘Research Center for Early Childhood Education’ (16 hours - 2013).
 Participant - Activate E-Teacher Program - ‘Venezuela Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages’, VenTESOL (8 hours - 2012)
 Collaborator - Fostering Learners Autonomy in EFL Classrooms – VenTESOL, (16 hours - 2012).
 Collaborator & Participant - Planning, Practicing, and Evaluating Critical Thinking, VenTESOL (16 hours - 2012).
 Participant - Fourth English for Children Workshop - ‘Pedagogical University of Maracay’ (12 hours, 2011).


• BA. JOHANNY AMAYA, Foreign Language Expert and CEO at Empower Honduras
Phone: +504 9572-6571, jamaya@gualahn.org, joannieamaya@gmail.com, jamaya@empowerhonduras.org

• MSC. LUISA CRISTINA ÁLVAREZ, Former VenTESOL President and ACCESS Program Coordinator (Vzla.)
Phone: +58 412 4428410. Email: luisacristina.a@gmail.com

• MSC. WALESKA RUIZ, English Language Teaching Methodology professor at the Pedagogical University of Venezuela and former Coordinator of the Aldeas Infantiles SOS English Program for Teenagers. Phone: +58 424 3186142. Email: waleskaruiz_upel@hotmail.com

• Dr. JOYCE MUÑOZ, Coordinator of the Master Program in EFL at the Pedagogical University of Venezuela. Phone: +58 414-4590737. Email: lajoyce2001@yahoo.com

• MSc. MARY SCHOLL, President of the Centro Espiral Mana and head of SIT TESOL courses in Costa Rica. Phone: +506 8863 5744. Email: tesoltrainingcostarica@hotmail.com, admin@espiralmana.org

• BA. Paola Forigua, former Language Programs Coordinator at ASOCIM.
Phone: +1 (984) 234-1686. Email: forigua.p19@gmail.com

• BA. Nidia Avelar, Principal at Del Sol Montessori Bilingual School.
Phone: +504 99222940. Email: nidiaavelar@gmail.com

• MSC. Nydia Lopez, Middle school Principal at DelCampo International School.
Phone: +504 9982-4643. Email: nlopez@delcamposchool.org

• MSC. Nicole Katimi, MS and HS Counselor at DelCampo International School.
Phone: +504 9970-5815. Email: nkatimi@delcamposchool.org

• BA. Kathiuska Lazcano, former Academic Coordinator at SpanishConnector.
Phone: +591 75831339. Email: jklazcano@gmail.com

• MSC. Grazzia Mendoza, Honduras TESOL President
Phone: +504 9547-7517. Email: grazziem01@yahoo.com


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