By:Ronald Lim Go <>
Date: 10 May 2018

Hello everyone good days to you thanks for reading ,i am Ronald Lim Go chinese in Manila,Philippines, i am here to have a teaching job to teach or other jobs tutoring, and pls read - i am a chinese male single borned Oct 4 1961 age-56 , BS in Mgt 4th yr, no teaching experienced, able to teach up to grade 3 ,basic computer operation e. mail/search, i prefer to teach in Japan,Singapore,Australia,New Zealand , i can relocate anytime, i am a none smoker/drinker/gambler/tattoo/piercing, a Taiwan citizen , not driving a car, speaks-english ,mandarin,hokkien,tagalog, students can be adults too, if you admire me pls reply to my e. mail thanks everyone.truly:Ronald Lim Go


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