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China, Thailand
By:Josh <republicjjc@gmail.com>
Date: 29 March 2018

Current Location:. Bangkok, Thailand (Visa must be done, here)
Anticipated Start Date:. ASAP
Target Age Group:. Young Learners
Desired Location:. China, Thailand

To begin with, I am a seasoned veteran of the ESL/EFL world...for better or worse. Most of my experience has gravitated around young learners but I have worked with adults, as well.
I tend to embrace a Communicative Method, focusing on deductive learning, as it acts as a very good foundation to incorporate other ideas that focus on actual speaking and the practice of. I have found that I am quick on my feet and have not had too much difficulty in conjuring up different ideas to engage the students with. For example, I thought it would be useful to teach my kindergarten students (while in Korea) American phonetic sign language, to help them with the learning process of grasping those pesky English sounds...I thought it was a good idea, anyway.

My teaching persona depends on the target age group(s) but one factor is a constant...I put the students in a position in which they have to speak, children and adults alike.

My skills and qualifications are simple, yet tuned. I enjoy being part of a hospitable, objective, sharing and encouraging team. Yet, I also enjoy working independently. My experience has allowed me to be involved in a diverse range of learning goals, including History, Social Studies, Speech/Debate, Fluency Development, Phonics and Test-Prep (basic).

If you see the value in a teacher that wears his party shoes with his thinking cap on, I may be a good fit.

Thank you for your time.


Joshua Card
Line: levity76
SKYPE: lostintranslation6
Phone:.66 0658921584
Email:. Republicjjc@gmail.com

Post Script: Below, is a video from one of my classes, a few years ago. It is nothing fancy, but a simple review of certain language points, going around the classroom. But, it is indicative of how I try to interact with the students.



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