Sri Lanka, Cambodia, India
By:Samantha Aungle <[email protected]>
Date: 13 February 2018

Hi, I am Australian and would like to Teach English as a Foreign Language at your school.

I currently live in Perth, Western Australia and am re-commencing University studies in early March 2018, online. I am required to be in Australia for part of my studies to satisfy Australian Fee Help requirements.

I am travelling to Denpasar, Bali on 20 February 2018 for 4 days. Then to Sri Lanka on 24 February 2018 to commence TEFL Intern training for 3 months. I am yet to sign the contract, so if you have a good work offer in Sri Lanka then please advise me asap.

Age: 39

Current Roles: Copywriter - From July 2014 - Present


Pet Sitter - From January 2018 - Present

Mad Paws

Current Studies: Bachelor of Media and Communications (Public Relations major) - Expected Graduation by 2021 or earlier

Swinburne Online

Victoria, Australia

Education: TEFL Masters Level 4 - January 2018

Oplex Careers



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