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By:Hasib Ali Afzal <hellenbus@gmail.com>
Date: 29 March 2018

TEFL 120 hour Online Certificate
BPP Law School Leeds, LPC (2014 to 2015)
Grade: Commendation
Electives: Private Client, Immigration, Employment and Advanced Criminal Litigation
University of Leeds, (2011 to 2014)
Bachelor of Laws: 2:1
Heckmondwicke Grammar School, A Levels (2009 to 2011)
Government and Politics: A*, Citizenship Studies: A*,
English Literature: A, History: A, General Studies: B
Batley Business and Enterprise College, GCSE's (2004 to 2009)
GCSE's: 4A’s, 4B’s, C

Work Experience

Aston English (English Teacher) March 2017 to present

I am currently in Yinchuan, China as an English Teacher for Aston English. I am involved in the planning and execution of English lessons with students ranging from kindergarten to teenagers. I also am involved in professional development and marketing activities. The skills I learned were communication, organisation and leadership.

Tuition, Self employed (September 2016 to February 2017) (Tutor)

Since September 2016, I have been tutoring a high school and primary school child in improving English, Maths and Science. This was a fantastic experience as it is enabling me to gain the skills of creating lesson plans, planning, teaching and organisation.

BlueBird Hub, Odessa/Ukraine September 2015 to July 2016) (Online English Teacher)
I worked as an online English teacher for a Ukranian Company. It was a great experience as I learnt a lot about different teaching styles.

BBS, 442 Chepstow Road NP19 8JP (September 2015 to July 2016) (English Teacher for Asylum Seekers)
I set up my own drop in clinic in a hair salon to offer support to asylum seekers. My role involved teaching minors English through the use of an interpreter who owns the salon and is fluent in Kurdish, English and Arabic. I would set the curriculum and help them to learn the skills of reading, writing, spelling and communication. I would also refer people to refugee organisations for further help with Nass support and contact lawyers on their behalf to inform them if they have dispersed to other areas of the country. The skills I developed were drafting, client skills, communication and independence knowing that I could lead a massive project on my own.
Albany Solicitors, Cardiff and Bristol (September 2015 to April 2016) (Junior Caseworker in Asylum Law)

I assisted on approximately two hundred asylum cases at first instance and appeal, with clients ranging from Sudan, Eritrea, Syria, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Ethiopia and Albania. My work saw me work with one of five qualified solicitors in the UK contracted to the Legal Aid Agency to review the work carried out by other solicitors in immigration law. The skills I developed were, taking witness statements, IT skills, running a caseload with supervision at first instance, liaising with asylum expert report writers, processing invoices for language interpreters, liaising with the legal aid agency for funding, administration and working to tight deadlines. I also interviewed minors and made representations to the Home Office which have led to clients successfully being granted asylum.

CAB Advice Bureau, Bristol (September 2015 to April 2016) (Junior Caseworker in Asylum Law)

During my time at Albany Solicitors, I helped advise clients in CAB. The firm had set up a weekly clinic to help offer people immigration advice. This was a drop off clinic. Clients varied in nature and the legal problems were of differing complexities. The skills I developed were teamwork, working in a fast paced environment and communication.

Criminal Appeals Project, BPP Law School Leeds (2014 to 2015) (Volunteer)
This project enabled me to focus on issues such as wrongful convictions which had not been addressed or mitigated by the Criminal Cases Review Commission. I gained exposure to the different elements of the legal system involved in tackling miscarriages of justice such as academics, criminal appeal lawyers, victim support groups and campaigning organisations. I was able to raise and question academic debates surrounding contentious areas of law. The skills which I developed were communication, teamwork, and public speaking.
Employment Law Telephone Advice Line, BPP Law School Leeds (2014 to 2015) (Volunteer)

My role involved working with volunteer solicitors to provide members of the public with initial advice over the telephone on employment law issues. This required the ability to understand problem solving and then logically relay the issues to the solicitor who then advised the client. As clients varied, I recognised that client care as well as the advice was the most important aspect. The skills I grasped were, drafting documents, teamwork, communication, maintaining a relationship of trust with clients and interviewing skills.

Syrian Society, University of Leeds (2012 to 2014) (Volunteer)

I was a PR secretary of the society, which involved raising awareness about the hardship of the civilians within Syria. My most recent project was to help set up a bake sale at university which raised over seven hundred pounds for a Syrian charity aimed at providing Syrian refugees with everyday necessities. The biggest skills I developed were, public speaking , presentational skills, research skills and how to use social media on a vast scale

Amnesty International, University of Leeds (2012 to 2014) (Volunteer)

The main project I was involved in was the Control of Arms campaign around campus which involved highlighting the issues of the unregulated arms trade around the world. I managed to reach out to people at a time when university life was very hectic such as, that very important issues like this could often be bypassed by the community. The skills which I grasped were, teamwork, organisation, research and public speaking.

My main interest is history and politics. As someone who has lived abroad, I believe it is important to learn about history as it teaches us lessons we can learn from the past and that you should always question things to help create change. My biggest skill outside academia is origami and I take an interest in magic.

References available on request


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