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By:Saeed Ahmed <americanlonewolf1@gmail.com>
Date: 29 March 2018

Hello there,

Main Subject and Levels taught: ICT, English (Primary and Secondary up to Year 11 IGCSE level) and I also worked as a successful Career Guidance Counsellor.

1. I headed a large ICT department, installed a wifi Cloud covering 85% of the campus, allowed children to make use Internet for their online assignments 2. I trained teachers to integrate ICT with other subjects and train them to use effectively use ICT resources. 3. Created a ICT Resource Bank / Protected In house Intranet covering IGCSE, Checkpoint past papers, marking schemes and other resources for all subjects. 4. Created eLearning platform for my children, eHomework and eTasks. 5. Created eForum for Parents to observe the daily progress of their children. 6. Designed and updated school’s website to meet International Standards. 7. Monthly Multi-Media Newsletter. 8. Helped HR and School Administration. 9. Career Guidance Counselor

Career Guidance Counsellor: I am an ICT and English teacher but I also worked as a successful Career Guidance Counsellor Position. I have worked on several different spots throughout my career at British International schools and in case if the school is ever short of a teacher than I am happy to fill-in and volunteer to teach other subjects as well to help my institution anyway possible no extra money,

Years taught and subject speciality (Primary School): Year 3 to Year 11 – ICT and English Literature, English Conversation classes. Career Guidance Counsellor.

After School Computer Club (twice a week) is always the favourite subject of my students, therefore I always enjoyed conducting regular after school ICT clubs to boost the interest of my students and to learn advance ICT programs which are not covered in the class for more able students and; Help the less able children to cover the assignments that they need help with – and sometimes I even give extra time to overcome the difficulties.

ESL Conversation club (thrice a week) is another initiative that I took. There are always children in your class that any teacher can spot who needs improvement with their English. In my ESL club, I took children from different year groups - with our friendly style and Group English Conversation Environment, students enjoyed the lessons and were overcoming with their difficulties, learning to speak correctly, new vocabulary words each time. I have an American accent and I always help my children to speak with a clear and good accent. This program was hugely appreciated by the parents.

Drama Club: I engaged my students in small acting videos, written, produced and recorded by me. It was so much fun. Have a look online at: http://saeedresume.atwebpages.com/

My Saturdays are for my school (day off in all International schools that I worked): I volunteered my Saturdays to the school. I helped my school, Administration, HR and Head Teacher with documentation and other important things. I enjoyed working with them the Admin and HR. They are great people and I’ve learnt great deal from them. (again – no extra money)
Career Guidance Counselor, I am a teacher and I understand my students much better than a traditional counselor. I understand the needs and aptitude of my student and my advice is usually based on their interests, financial background and length of the program.
I helped my students acquire admissions in the top UK universities, Salford, Oxford etc. and US universities such Orange Coast University of California.
As a career counselor, I am always engaged with my children right from the beginning, starting from choosing a programme, Writing personal statements, College Essays, handled college correspondence until get the UK visa letter from the university.
I am dedicated and hardworking professional. The parents of my students always trust me to help their children make the decisions of their lives.
I can’t cover all the things that I have done for the schools that I worked in, therefore, may I request you to please download my online resume, videos, recommendation letters and other supporting documents – it is available online at: http://saeedresume.atwebpages.com/

I will look forward to hearing from you.

Ahmed Saeed


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