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By:James Harcourt <>
Date: 29 March 2018

James Harcourt
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

October 3, 2017

To whom it may concern,

Pleas accept my application for English Teacher with your program. I would like to continue to develop my teaching skill while experiencing Asian culture. Kindergarten and Elementary age students are a particularly interesting group to teach. Watching them grow and learn is a very rewarding experience.

My teaching experience makes me a qualified candidate for the position of Esl teacher. My three years teaching English in China has given me the experience, both in teaching and adapting to a different culture, to be an asset to your program and to any potential students and school where I may be placed. I will be good representative of my own country and culture while abroad, as well as an ambassador of the cultures I experience upon my return to America.

During my three years teaching in China, I taught students aged two through college age. I created lesson plans, conducted student evaluations, and integrated fun activities and projects into lessons. I believe children learn best when they can enjoy the learning process, which is why I conduct my classes a positive and fun atmosphere.

Attached is my resume, containing my education and teaching experience. I would like to thank you for your time and the opportunity to apply for a position with your program.


James Harcourt

James Harcourt
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063
To be selected for the position of English Language Teacher.

BA, Liberal Arts, Northern Arizona University. (May 2018)
60+ credit hours completed in Bachelors of Science in Accounting at the University of Missouri – Kansas City (2006-2008)
Longview Community College (August 2004 to May 2006)
Teaching Experience:

First Leap English Academy. English Teacher. Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China (2013-2015)
• Teach students aged 2 to 12 the English language
• Prepare lesson plans and activities for classes
• Evaluate student progress and report to parents

Sunshine English School. English Teacher. Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China. (2013-2014)
• Teach students aged 2 to 6 the English language
• Prepare lesson plans, activities, and field trips
• Conduct early childhood development classes

F.E.A.T. English Academy. English Teacher / Foreign Teacher Manager. Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China (2015-2016)

• Teach students aged 2 to 12 the English language
• Prepare and create lesson plans
• Conduct student evaluations and placement evaluations
• Organized student and promotional activities
• Recruiting and management of foreign teachers

Professional Skills:
• Strong written and oral communication
• Ability to individually and in groups
• Problem solving and ability to adapt and learn quickly
• Organizational skills
• Cultural sensitivity and adaptation


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