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Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xiamen, Nanjing: China
By:Joseph Weaver <joe.weaver24@gmail.com>
Date: 25 May 2017

Joseph Scott Weaver

Englewood, Ohio, USA

US (+1) 937-903-1114
China (+86) 13261643675

Skype: Joseph.Weaver7
WeChat ID: JoeScottW

Accomplished English Language Instructor with an American passport, Bachelor’s Degree, and TEFL certificate available immediately.

Education First English Centers (Beijing, China)
International Teacher (Jan., 2016-March, 2017)
• Prepared small group (1-4 students) and large classroom (4-25 students) lessons for adults aged 18-60 by reviewing lesson plans and adjusting as needed. Planning for potential problems and potential solutions as well as concept checking questions, API, and language learner definitions.
• General English classes covering everyday contexts and language including common idioms and phrases for everyday discourse were taught.
• Business English classes covering meetings, presentations, and business related language in various industries, such as finance, as well as business-related skills, such as giving a presentation, were also taught.
• Lessons were taught using a communicative language learning approach that encouraged learning by using the target language in context and reinforced using controlled practice and free practice with clear contexts and examples.
• Activities included reading news articles designed for language learners along with follow-up questions for the students to discuss and answer in a relaxed, student-directed environment, using learned language material in a new context with a clearly defined task, or learning about western culture.
• In addition to teaching, written, online feedback was provided to all students who attended small group lessons. Sales support was also provided in the form of demo classes and oral placement tests (based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR)
• Having developed a patient, engaging approach to teaching, many students found my classes to be both relaxed and informative as we learned the mechanics and uses of language together.

Wright State University (Dayton, Ohio)
American English Tutor (Sep. 2014-Dec. 2014)
• Tutored foreign university students in commonly used American English phrases, grammar, vocabulary, and culture
• Provided assistance with English homework as needed.

Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education (Incheon, South Korea)
Guest English Teacher (Mar., 2013-Mar., 2014)
• Conducted communicative beginner to elementary level public primary school classes of 12 students from grades 1-6 based on school curriculum.
• In addition to the school curriculum, games and learning activities were used to keep energy and interest alive in students. These included board games, puzzles, and races, with language production being the goal.
• At the end of each class, a small, informal quiz was administered as students left the classroom and were not to leave until the question was answered correctly. This made sure that each student was leaving the classroom with something learned.
• Trips to museums and learning attractions around the city were also arranged.

Dalian Institute of Science and Technology (Dalian, China)
IELTS tutor (Aug., 2011-Dec., 2011)
• Prepared classes of 40 college students of mixed ability for the IELTS exam using an IELTS for Chinese learners book as the curriculum.
• Taught IELTS grammar and vocabulary using a grammar-based approach.
• Coached students on how to study for and take the IELTS exam
• Used pair group speaking activities such as role-plays, based on IELTS exam questions, and English learning games including card and board games were also used.


Teacher Knowledge Test: Band 3, Module 1 2016
Bachelor’s Degree: Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio 2012
TEFL Certificate: TEFL Institute of Chicago 2011


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