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M.Ed. Education BA English. Technical/Transcription.
By:Language & professional services. <chenyu.paul@gmail.com>
Date: 24 May 2018

c.v. resume of Mr. rydberg ter. pl. – M.Ed., Education. BA., English. Taijiquan (taiji) chen. Tel. (312) 802-1331. Email addr. chenyu.paul@gmail.com

​Professional Experience in Education & Training (corporate); in Employment History.

Teach [overseas / international] EFL Experience in Asia, incl. several years; of which, five (5) yrs. were overseas / international in canton (guangdong) province, in proximity to the 'region' of Hong Kong, SAR, The PRC, and in the geographic region of the Japans, and three (3) yrs., TEFL experience to individual and corporate clients, and education, involving ESL in post-secondary programs of education, in the United States.

November 2017– March 2018. Education pract. mentor in the catholic laity, in service to The “Our Lady of The Sacred Heart Church.” Anhui, PRC.

Education pract. mentor in the catholic laity, and service to The ‘Our Lady of The Sacred Heart’ Church, in respect to the ethics and rel. beliefs in the catholic church; catholic (christian), in member category, in support in the catholic ministry, under the auspices of Bishop Liu, the catholic diocese of Anhui province on the mainland, and who has served as Anhui’s diocesan administrator, elected as Bishop of Anhui in 2005.

Postal addr. Houdi Xi (Houdi Rivulet). The ‘Our Lady of The Sacred Heart’ Church, Liyang Town,Tunxi District, Huangshang District, Anhui province, in The People’s Republic of China.

Employment / responsibility details: Experienced teacher in English, senior HS; language arts, Junior HS; applied music; theory and composition, Junior HS; in English, as a Second Language, ESL in vocational education, and in the post – secondary levels.

The ‘Our Lady of The Sacred Heart’ Catholic Church, was rebuilt by sister shen xinyuan in February, 2014. It is, now, more than six – hundred square meters in area. It is the only catholic church which exists in the Tunxi District, in Huangshan, Anhui province, in The People’s Republic of China. “The sacred cross guides believers to welcome heaven. The blessed virgin Mary, our mother, cares for believers all over the world,” states sister shen xinyuan. The catholic church, in Tunxi was built in Liyang Town near the banks of the Xian river, in Tunxi District–Huangshan, in the year 2000. It had been constructed with cement and mortar.

The catholic church, in Tunxi, was first established in Dai zhen Park, in the time of the Emperor Guang. The catholic prefecture was established, in 1937. Fu zhiy was named as the first Bishop, in the prefecture. The true faith of the catholic church was inherited by Dong Menzhen from Jin shen of Xuining, under the Emperor Chung zhen. The catholic missionary and catholic priest from Portugal, Huang Ando, went to shexian town; he was joined by the wangs and the Baos. In 1763, Yao Ruohan joined the society of Jesus in shexian town. Later in 1766, he was ordained as a priest, in the true church. The original portuguese mission district in the catholic church had been created by the society of Jesus. It was then governed by the French society of Jesus, in 1843. Then, the mission district was later managed by the missionaries from Spain, in 1933. Each county in the Hui state, previously, had churches and halls. There were seven churches, and twenty – three halls, in total. There were 2,100 church members, 652 catechumen, 18 priests, 5 friars, and 19 nuns, who served the people in the Hui state. It had opened schools and hospitals. It provided education and health to teach children and save lives, in catholic values for life. When the Peoples Republic of China was founded, the churches and halls were closed. The churches were opened after reform. No persecution of religious belief may now exist, today, in The People’s Republic of China. “The religious belief, again, became free.” – sr. shen xinyuan.

July 2012 – 2016. Shenzhen Aircen Technology Corporation, Ltd., shenzhen city, in Guangdong (province), in The People’s Republic of China. PRC.

Employed for three (3) years, under executive authority of the CEO in order to implement necessary procedures and to ensure the completion of management objectives in education / training. Language Instructor. Prepared and presented basic to intermediate level foreign language platform; computer–based instruction within formal learning environment.

Experienced in teaching: General English to Adults, Young Learners, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), In–house Business English for Corporate Clients, English for Teachers.

Background in human resources staff development; instruction given in elementary, secondary; tertiary levels in education to teach grammar, style, and usage, in English conversation / composition; in academic, business, and in professional applications.

The diversified background; experience in teaching, and working with multi – cultural / national groups of people, and in the orient.

Shenzhen Aircen Technology Corporation, Ltd., located in Shenzhen, in China. Liaise appointment, as selected on behalf of the CEO of the organization named Shenzhen Aircen Technology Corporation, to work in collaboration with the chinese administration and staff to teach formal English Midwestern colloquial American language.

The international corporate training division is similar to an academy within the company. In addition, students, focused on learning English; American history and culture to prepare for the IELTS for vocational qualification in business communication; in addition to the TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) and SAT, in order order to be accepted in the top Universities in Australia, Canada, The United Kingdom, and The United States. These students do not take the Gao Kao – the Chinese College entry exam.

Shenzhen Aircen Technology Corporation, Ltd., in corporate Education and Training is listed on the the Shenzhen Stock Exchange SZSE, based in the city of Shenzhen, China.

It is one of two stock exchanges operating independently in the People's Republic of China, the other being the larger Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Shenzhen Aircen Technology Corporation, Ltd. became modernized and an internationalized excellent program in corporate Education / Training that has been listed on the SZSE.

In resources staff and development; to instruct in English conversation, and in composition; language training of personnel for improved productivity with profit – producing results.

In the employ of Shenzhen Aircen Technology Corporation, Ltd., was responsible for preparing lessons and effectively instructing within the classroom; to include the development in understanding of the culture and customs in China (engaged in the culture and customs of China while exercising an ability to critically assess the foreign culture and adapt accordingly), and work successfully within the cross-cultural setting of Shenzhen, in The People’s Republic of China.

Prepared and presented the basic to intermediate, and the advanced level foreign language platform and computer based instruction within a formal learning environment.

Delivered, developed, and presented complex foreign language training materials, with the focus on translation, grammar, listening and reading comprehension, speaking and writing.

Provided the intensive instruction in language to native and heritage foreign language speakers, and with training in grammar and reading to improve comprehension and writing skills.

Developed learning objectives and tests in order to measure, accurately, the learning progress, and evaluate effectiveness of training presentations.

Identified and incorporated authentic language learning / teaching materials to support objectives.

Used classroom technology as Smart Board, audio / video / DVD components, and with computer applications such as Microsoft Office.

Worked individually, and an integral part of the human resources / management and training team, working cooperatively to meet employee, and marketing professional language goals.

Provided guidance and direction to the less experienced trainers using strong technical and training skills.

In addition to employee training in staff development, assumed leadership in corporate education.

Language(s) Fluent in English; formal Midwestern colloquial language – English; standard American.

October 1992 – June 1993. The Scalabrini House of Theology, in affiliation with The Catholic Theological Union, in chicago, IL in The united states.

IELTS / TEFL Teacher, in the catholic ministry of education. The Scalabrini House of Theology. Teacher of English as a Foreign Language for two college terms in academic program of instruction in International curriculum. The Scalabrini House of Studies in affiliation with The Catholic Theological Union CTU, a Graduate School of Ministry, in chicago IL. The Catholic Theological Union is the largest Roman Catholic graduate school of theology and ministry, in the United States.

In management detail(s):

Professional / Experience; previously, held position in responsibility for the course programmes, included in the curriculum / resources.

Examination & Assessment Coordinator in the curriculum guidelines and to establish assessment methods in examinations that foster student achievement, in ESL in post-secondary programs of education in the United States.

Experience, as Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Teaching English, as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

Education & Qualifications incl. Academic(s) Higher Education:

Master of Science (M.S.), Chicago State University. Education/minor studies in applied music theory/composition, and in the acoustic guitar. 1989–1998.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). De Paul University. Chicago, IL English (communications); minor in music / theory and composition. 1975–1980. BA Communications/Music minor.

First year subjects in music theory and composition, in the subjects of harmony in music theory in applied music. Joint music (the liberal arts education, in the Liberal Arts & sciences, incl. in the study of American Jazz), and an English (communication) Degree.

Level in experience, in American education equivalent to the PGCE (postgraduate certificate in education), and as may be required in the International Baccalaureate curriculums.

Licensed in Education (the credential issued by the government based on the national occupational standards, equivalent to the post – Graduate diploma / certificate, master degree, an accredited education level qualification; not the TESOL certificate), in the United States. Licensed (in home state / province) in diversified experience, and in the relevant role in the placement exams.

re achievement, academic(s) in tertiary level(s) in Education / Training, incl. scholarships, and other educational experience: Illinois Teacher Scholarship received to defray 100% of college tuition for graduate work, leading to Master Degree in Education.

– curriculum in Education incl. the subjects of Assessment Tests and measurements; criterion and non – criterion referenced, in the program, resulting in the Master Degree in Education. 3.5/4.0 in the average of grades, and as in the average, in the grades.

Professional Interests / skills.

Extra – curricular offering.

Technical/Transcription. “The ‘real’ book … to play guitar,” and book for the bass guitar. copyright, 2018. All rights reserved. R. Daniel Lyons, Atty.

Health & wellness – Taijiquan.

Taichi / TCM in the orient and pract. in ‘yang shen gong,’ incl. the benefits of T' ai chi, in Health. Instr. – xin Jinsong; chen village (chenjiagou), in Henan province; wushu/wu–martial, shu–art(s) association.Taijiquan, in member category.The People’s Republic of China PRC. Brisbane, QLD AU.

The referees, in addition to required degree documents / letters in regard to professional experience in education, will be provided on request.

c.v. resume of Mr. rydberg ter. pl. – M.Ed., Education. BA., English. Taijiquan (taiji) chen. Tel. (312) 802-1331. Email addr. chenyu.paul@gmail.com


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