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By:Ashley Barlow <barlowa99@gmail.com>
Date: 24 June 2017

My name is Ashley Barlow. I am 24 ,Nigerian and I am particularly interested in the position of an English teacher abroad.
I know most people would turn away at this point because I am not a supposed "native English speaker" but I believe one day someone will see past that and realize that language is a shared possession of humankind and that anyone can master any language to fluent levels. . I also believe the position relates strongly to my experience of being an English teacher in some of the schools I have taught in. Inhave taught English at Kindergarten level, Primary level and most recently,Secondary level so altogether I have have had about 4 years of experience as an English teacher. I have a BA Philosophy as a major course. While I was in school I also took minor courses in English as electives.

I love teaching and impacting knowledge into the minds of my students. The greatest joy is when they transmit what I have taught them back to me and then knowing that I have done my job makes me happy.

Also ,coming from a country that was colonized by the British, being an African means growing up embedded in cultures and traditions and I believe working in your country will create a new outlook into a society that is also rich in culture and tradition. I am also hoping it will be an opportunity for me to learn a new language.

No English speaking country speaks English better than the other. As long as there is a curriculum, other than a slight inevitable accent, the result are still the same. . You can google Nigeria if you like . We were colonized by the British and I was brought up using the British curriculum in school as well as my parents and grandparents.

I personally think and make all my mental calculations in English.
I have left a link to my teaching Demo below. (Sorry about the wet face, it was a rainy day,couldn't shake of all the water).

I look forward to hearing from you.


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