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By:Martin King <martin.sallco@gmail.com>
Date: 30 March 2017

First the down side. I am 61. I'm a young 61 and I have been teaching over 10 years wth the last 7 years in China. I have worked from Kindergarten to University. Let's just say I'm versatile.

Currently I work ion an International High School. Some are run by people who care abut the students while others only care about money. I want to help students advance in the world and reach their dreams.

I'm easy going and communicate well with students. I have a Master of Education (Language and Literacy) and a B.Sc. in Computer Science. I worked 25 years in North America in Computer Science and I wanted to try something different. I taught for a year back in 1980, but my wife and I were about to have a child so we left Israel and went back to Canada.

When I was thinking that I.T. was getting a little redundant, I went back to school to get a Master of Education and an Ontario Teacher's License.

I love working with young people and I love sharing what I know. Working in foreign countries for me, let's me learn a lot. It's not a holiday. You become part of the culture.

I'm adventurous and patient and am open to new ideas. My wife is Chinese and I quite capable of teaching I.T., history, literature, all types of English, drama, culture and a few more. I'm good at what I do because I care.

I currently work at an International High School in Nanchang. It's free to talk to me and you might be happy you did.

If this silly 60 age is too old for you, get in touch with me. You might like what you find. Here is my resume.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone (Toronto) 1-416-223-8558, +86 18233247336,
Email: martin.sallco@gmail.com
Skype: mlking55
DOB: 1955
Place of Birth: Ontario, Canada
Nationality: Canadian

York University (Toronto, Canada), Master of Education (Language and Literacy) (A great deal of my courses were involving different areas of ESL) (Graduated 11/91)
Ontario Teachers License (1992)
York University (Toronto, Canada), Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) (Graduated 06/79)
Kanata Institute of Computer Sciences, Diploma in Business Computer Programming (Honors) (Graduated 05/80)
University of Cambridge CELTA Certification (120 in-class course) (Graduated 06/05)

To obtain a position that will allow me to utilize my extensive communication, leadership, mentoring, and teaching skills to provide benefit to my employer, and their students, and the social welfare of the community and beyond.

I believe that no project or task is too difficult. I have always found a solution to a problem regardless of its complexity. I listen carefully when I am spoken to, regardless of the person, their level in society, or their level of English.

• English Teacher working with children from Kindergarten through adults in China, Korea, and the Middle East.
• I.T. professional with over 20 years experience in all phases of software and system design, development, programming, training and support in different businesses.
• Proven record of managing, leading, completing projects, and educating students in a professional and friendly manner.
• Steady, reliable and dependable as evidenced by my employment record.
• Experience working with people in different countries around the world (i.e. Brazil, Palestine/Israel, Columbia, Ireland, Canada, U.S., S. Korea, China and others).

Number 3 Middle School
Nanchang, China
American History/IELTS Speaking Teacher September, 2016-Current

This is an International High School in Nanchang and I taught American History (Grades 11 and 12) and IELTS Speaking (Grade 10).
• Teach speaking to Grade 10 students to prepare them for the IELTS speaking exam.
• Teach American History to Grade 11 and 12 students. This school offers a High School Diploma from an American High School so American History is mandatory for the student to achieve it. Their first year of learning American6History is Grade 11 and their final year is Grade 12. There is a lot of material to cover in a short time. These students have little to no background in American History and with the little time we have, I must keep the class fast moving, interesting, and easy to understand. It’s not easy to learn the history of a foreign country in a foreign language.
• I have been teaching in China for a while so many of the things I do are listed in the other jobs I’ve had.

Norman B. English (August 2015 – June 2016)
Baoding, Hebei Province
This is a training school run by my wife and myself here in Baoding. We basically teach whatever the students or their parents feel they need. After all, the students are our customers and we have to please them. We mostly work with Oral English as that is the part that is neglected most in the Chinese curriculum, and the part they need the most.

Fu Yue Foreign Language Institute (Jan. 2015-June 2015)
Changsha, Hunan Province
Research Methods Teacher

This program took students with their B.A. and prepared them to go to the United Kingdom to study for their Master Degree. My job was to familiarize them with Western learning in Western Universities and to teach them ways to research a thesis. I was their advisor for the thesis they had to write to graduate this program before heading to the U.K.

Rustaq College of Applied Arts and Technology
English Teacher (Sept. 1, 2013 to July 1, 2014)

(What I would write here is basically the same as I have written for all the other schools. To summarize, I’ve had a wide and varied career in teaching English (I am an I.T. professional) and I love it. I love the students and I appreciate that they can teach me as much about their country as I can teach them about English)
I worked with beginning University students teaching them English (speaking, listening, reading, writing, research methods, business, and economics) in preparation for their further studies. The culture here leads to some interesting challenges such as the separation of the sexes (even though the school is co-ed). This has allowed me the opportunity to approach teaching using some new ways as I have to change myself to fit the students.

Cornerstone International High School (March 2013 to July 15, 2013)
Zhengzhou, Henan Province
English Teacher

The purpose of this school is to prepare Chinese students to pass their ACT test and be proficient enough in English in order to go to University outside of China. I work with the students to help prepare them in reading and writing along with some Western culture, Business and Economics that will benefit them in the future.

Baotou Teacher’s College (Sept 2012-March 2013)
Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China
English Teacher

• Worked with 2nd year and 3rd year students in an effort to improve their spoken English.
• Taught oral English, Reading, Writing, Business, Economics and Culture
• Showed films weekly after hours for interested students (this has nothing to do with the school. They provided the room only while I provided my time and my personal movies)
• Provided opportunities for everyone to speak on a variety of topics.
• Developed new methods to have students be able to “speak on their feet” utilizing the English they know.
• Used music and film to augment English.
• Treated English as a real live language and not something they could just learn in a textbook.
• Worked at relaxing the students so they were not afraid to speak the English they knew.
• Allowed discussions of any topic that could interest the students and inspire them to speak.
• Made myself assessable at all times for extra help or just to have conversations in a relaxed atmosphere (going out for coffee, etc.)
• Treated the students as adults and showed them respect. I found that they respected this and respected me for treating them in such a manner.
• Made the classroom a fun place to be most of the time as it created an atmosphere suitable for learning.
• Had the students think that this was a joint venture. They taught me about China, and I taught them about English. Since they needed English to communicate with me, it worked. I learnt from them and they learnt from me.
• I explained some aspects of foreign culture to them to help them know something of the outside world, and that the United States is not the be all and end all of what everyone should aspire to.
• Students like me and I like them. This is the 4th time I taught ESL and I find that there is an attraction between me as the teacher, and them as the students, which provides a better learning environment for us.
• Their success is my success. I have a vested interest in seeing them do well. I take pride in what I do and I care. That shows and it counts.
• I am not Chinese but an individual who treats everyone regardless of age with respect and a smile. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s “foreign” to many students in an educational environment and makes them see that there are multiple ways of learning.
• Most importantly, I give students the opportunity to take responsibility for creating things for class (drama, etc) that allows them to use their imagination and lets them think for themselves without the hand-holding that is common in Chinese schools.

Jiangsu Polytechnic College of Agriculture and Forestry (Sept 2011-July 2012)
Jurong, Jiangsu Province, China
English Teacher
• It’s almost identical to what I wrote above for Baotou Teacher’s College. If something works, I don’t change it.
• Worked with freshmen and 2nd year students in an effort to improve their spoken English.
• Taught Oral English, Reading, Writing, Business and Economics

EF Language Institute, S. Korea (February 2006 – May 2007)
Duil Middle School, S. Korea
C.A.U.N. Language
ESL Teacher
• Taught ESL to students in kindergarten through adults
• Taught conversation, reading, comprehension
• Developed and utilized strategies to obtain maximum results from students
• Prepared materials to assist in the teaching of the students.
• Remembered always that I was a teacher and a role model first, and the English teacher second.

Tiberias Schools, Israel (1980-1982)
ESL Teacher
Teaching English through Drama
• Taught ESL to children in grades 4 through 8 (ages 9 to 13) at different schools
• Developed a drama program to enhance the learning of English through producing plays for the children to perform in. This occurred during class hours and after-school.
• Visited the public schools in the city weekly in addition to teaching classes to teach English through song and dramatic exercises in addition to their regular English classes.
• Wrote and directed the plays the children performed in English.
• Spent time outside the classroom speaking with children in a relaxed and friendly manner to help them see English as a living language and not just a class exercise.

RR Enterprises Ltd. (1991-2003, 2007-July 2011)
Project/Applications Manager AS/400 (RPG) environment
• Worked with users in JAD environment developing a system customers wanted along with continuing enhancements that meet and continue to meet their needs.
• Conversed with all levels of employees and management at companies throughout the world in order to determine and discuss their needs and to ensure that they were successfully integrated into the software and delivered.
• Researched the best way of implementing these needs and translating them into a functional and useable system that was saleable and made companies happy.
• Supported installed systems throughout the world, interfacing and working with all levels of company personnel, both on the phone and on site. This included travelling to install the system and working with our trainers to help the company get up to speed as quickly and painlessly as possible.
• Wrote the 400 page manual that accompanied the system before any programming began to guide users through the process of how to use it and what they will be getting, for them to sign off on.
• Managed groups of programmers, analysts, and trainers through all stages of projects (complete SDLC) and supported and assisted in their efforts towards building successful systems.
• Designed, developed, managed, programmed, and supported a financially successful subscriber management system (also known as a billing system) on the AS/400 (Iseries) utilizing RPG and RPGLE. This system contains a multitude of modules including, but not limited to order entry, charging, invoicing, accounting, inventory management, sales management, plant maintenance, dispatch, booking schedules, and others.
• Coordinated and assigned work tasks and timelines for analysts and programmers, and ensured the best people were assigned to do the task to enable its completion it in a timely manner. Provided support to those who needed it to help make them more effective on the job.

NorthStar Software Solutions (2004-February 2006)
System Designer/Project Manager
• Designed, developed and managed the creation and implementation of a Subscriber Management System to be used by Call Centers and Cable Operators
• Worked with programmers, analysts, and testers in order to guide the project through it’s complete life cycle
• Provided all forms of support to those working on the project to enable them to successfully complete their tasks
• Worked with Call Center to ensure their needs were being met during the development of the system
• Involved in traveling to trade shows in an effort to market the product and speaking with potential purchasers of the product

Westinghouse Canada (1984-1989)
Systems Analyst AS/400/S38 (RPG) environment
• Designed, developed and programmed various systems that enabled employees to work in a more efficient manner. These included systems in labour, materials, accounting, and other areas.



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