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By:marcus <[email protected]>
Date: 13 February 2018

Mobile : +8613030179152
Email: [email protected]
Date of Birth: 1990
Nationality: Ghanaian
qq: 2929427912

LANGUAGES: Fluent English (Native Speaker Accent) and Fluent Chinese
1. Job Title: ESL English tutor/ teacher in all levels
Name of Company: Beijing Normal University, Beijing Province China.
Year: October ,2010- June 2014
• Teaching oral English to children between the ages of 3-12 with deeper concentration on phonics
• Teaching pupils conversational English with concentration on intonation and accuracy
• Organizing classroom games and outdoor activities
• Expect consultations for Chinese English teachers

2. Job Title: ESL English tutor
Name of Company: Shaoyang Modern English School (Language Learning Centre) Hunan Province China
Year: December ,2015-January, 2016
• Teaching oral English to students of all ages with high concentration on phonics
• Building the capacity of Chinese teachers in the school
• Organizing oral test for students and teachers
• Teaching business English to adults
• Teaching high school students conversational English with concentration on intonation and accuracy

1. Institution: York University, Toronto, Canada
Year: September, 2011-May, 2010
Certificate: TESOL Certificate
Related Courses:
• Pronunciation, Intonation, Grammar and structure
• Phonetics, Learning and communicating
• Novel and drama appreciation

2. 2. Institution : Catholic University, Ghana
Year : Aug 2004 – May, 2008
Qualification: BA English Language
Related Courses:
• Phonetics
• Communication skills
• Grammar and structure
• Stress, rhythm and intonation
• Computer Proficiency (Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

1. Mrs. Juang
Sanqi Primary and kindergarten
Shenzhen Nanshang
Mobile: +8617733452723

2. Sherry
Beijing Normal University
English Director,
Hebei Province China
Cell Phone: +861366104586


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