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South China
By:Charles Doster <boleum@aol.com>
Date: 29 March 2018


Charles Simeon Doster


86 15222153995

I am seeking Employment

I retired from the petroleum business and became involved in Chinese education. I decided that China was a good place to retire and I have years of experience in Chinese education.

• In the petroleum business I have extensive’ experience in work, business and management in America and China. I am the founder of Doster Incorporated (In the USA) and I continue to be the Investment manager of Doster Incorporated. In the past I have set-up the Representative office in China for Williams Valve Company (WEW) and I was the first “CRO” (Chief Representative Officer) for that company. I have functioned as economics and engineering advisor as well as Company representative and Quality control chief to a number of oil companies in the United States of America...

• I have 14 years’ experience in Chinese education. I believe that I have a responsibility to pass on my knowledge and experience to young people and I enjoy teaching.

• I have written and edited many articles to be used and published by various Chinese Universities and individuals.

• In the past I have been active in art; Refer to http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_605de3290102dva9.html

• I enjoy music (Play the guitar and sing) and I usually become involved in extra student and university activities.

• My present personal activity is writing. I am working on a couple of novels.

Supportive documentation will be supplied upon request.

(1). Bachelor of Arts and science Degree, University of South Alabama, Mobile Alabama.
(2). Engineering code workshops; ASME B31.3, API 1104, API 510, Offshore Production lectures, OSIA, and Pipeline Safety practices,
(3). Engineering Management, Master’s Program, University of Tennessee in Chattanooga no degree I dropped out of the program to take an attractive job offer as Chief Inspector at the Discovery Unit of Williams Energy in Larose Louisiana.

Supportive documentation will be supplied upon request.

LANGUAGE: Excellent International English (Native tongue American English), intermediate Spanish, a few words and expressions in French and Mandarin.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
The American Welding Society
The American Society of Nondestructive Testing
The American Society for Quality

Supportive documentation will be supplied upon request.

MARITAL STATUS; I am married and I have a 3-year-old son. I maintain a home for my wife and
child in Tinjian China.


September 2014 to July 5 2017; Xinyang Normal University, Xinyang City Henan Province; I taught Oral English, and English writing. I gave lectures and seminars on student centered teaching and the use of technology in future teaching.

2013 I taught art in Shanghai at an international middle school, a short job filling in for another teacher

2011- 2013 Herbei University of Technology, English Speaking.

2013 I lectured and instructed professional Petroleum personnel, Engineers, technicians and managers at Tinjian Marine academy and the Tianjin University of Science and Technology.

2008-2011 TETI Tianjin Engineering Technical Institute; Petroleum and drilling technology and practices. I worked as education and technical consultant and taught petroleum Engineering students as well as adult oil field professionals to use English steaking when dealing with foreign experts.

2008 Beijing University of Technology; English writing, English speaking and Western


2007 North China University of Technology Beijing; English speaking and Western Culture.

2003-2006 Hulunbeir College, Inner Mongolia; English speaking, International speechmaking, English writing, Western Literature, Western History and culture, and I coached selected students for the CCTV English Speaking contest


FROM: June 2008 to: September 2008
EMPLOYER: William E Williams
POSITION HELD: Chief Representative Officer and QC Director (Chief Executive Officer for WEW in China).
• Set up the corporate Representative Office in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province PRC China.
• Set up business systems ie accounting, banking, and bookkeeping.
• Interface with various governmental agencies.
• Prepare the Representative Office for ISO 9000 and API QI compliance.
• Determine inspection and production sequence.
• Find problematic issues and define the root cause.
• Write job scopes, train inspection staff and assist the vendors Quality Manager.
• Audit: x-rays, quality procedures, WPS, PQR, WPQ, hydrostatic test documentation, and purchase orders.
• Report to the company owner the USA.

Supportive documentation will be supplied upon request.

FROM: December 2002 to: November 2003
EMPLOYER: Apache China LTD
POSITION HELD: Construction advisor and Quality Consultant (engineering, code conformity and safety)
• Supervisor of the platform fabrication, setting, lifting, skidding packages and connective piping (Land & offshore).
• Plan, draw, layout/measure supervise fabrication/installation piping in the well-bay area and gravity drain to the sump plus sump revisions, reconcile measurements, configuration, revisions, add-ons, additions, upgrades (field engineering) and prepare asbuilts.
• Vendor selection, surveillance, and supervision, determine inspection and construction sequence, anticipate potential issues and problems.
• Multi-discipline visual inspection; Piping, structural, paint, instrumentation, insulation, and electrical.
• Monitor/supervise, hydrostatic testing, ultrasonic testing, dye penetrate, magnetic particle, dimensional verification, random sampling, audit radiographic images, WPS, PQR, and WPQ for suitability.

Supportive documentation will be supplied upon request.


FROM: April1998 to: November 2002
EMPLOYER: Quality Integrated Services Inc, “QIS” www.qisinspection.com
POSITION HELD: Third Party Contractor, Various positions on different project for the Williams Companies which includes Williams Energy, Williams Field Service, and Williams Pipeline. www.williams.com
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: Client side Construction supervisor, Site Representative, Chief Inspector, vendor surveillance, welding Inspector and other applied discipline inspections.

From September 1970 to present
EMPLOYER: Doster Incorporated I am the founder, sole owner, and presently I am the investment manager of Doster Incorporated.
Supportive documentation will be supplied upon request.

FROM: September 1980 to November 1992; I contracted for Shell with a blanket service agreement with Shell Offshore Incorporated.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: welding and fabrication and whatever else was necessary to maintain client satisfaction.
(1). Vendor, selection, management, and support, coordinate work sequence, assure engineering, safety and code integrity.
(2). Monitor/supervise, hydrostatic testing, radiography, dimensional measurement verification.
(3). Subsurface (Work topside with the divers); pipeline repair from jack up barge/boat, pipeline swivel-connections, install platform structural patches and platform debris removal diver operations, wet-welding and gouging.
JUNE 1986
Chapman Energy
PROJECT: Oklahoma Interstate Pipeline Project
POSITION HELD: Construction Efficiency and Economics Consultant
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: Audit two subsidiaries of Chapman Energy (BAM Energy and Longhorn Drilling) and advise the management of Chapman Energy as to cutting cost and improving efficiency. Chapman took my advice.

FROM: 1975 to September 1980
EMPLOYER: Comet Construction
POSITION HELD: Various positions, Superintendent, Welding Foreman, Leadman, Layout Man, Wellhead Specialist and combination Welder-Fitter.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: I worked in whatever position, wherever assigned by management, (Land and offshore) ie Chevron, Mobil Oil, Continental Oil, Shell, Exxon and various Drilling companies.

• Safety, “Anger management”, Shell offshore incorporated, Morgan City Louisiana USA
“South Marsh Island Field”
• Quality Awareness in the International Market, North China University of Technology, “NCUT” (In Beijing).
• Petroleum technology, engineering and management Tinjian Engineering Technical Institute PRC.
• I have trained Chinese foremen and fitters to fabrication flanged pipe spools from the production header to an abstract point in space
• Digital camera connected to a field microscope to photographically confirm microscopic cracking in coatings as well as other rejectable discontinuities in metals.
• I designed bolt on pipe brace systems 1976, my design was later patented,
• I have designed and built mechanical pulling tools used by Shell Oil company mechanics.
• Developed an optical micrometer which was later patented and sold by a manufacturing company.

Charles S. Doster

References and further documentation upon request.
Charles Simeon Doster
Cell-phone (Beijing) 86 15222153995


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