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Vietnam, China, Indonesia
By:Jared Ward <sheepishone29@hotmail.com>
Date: 29 March 2018

Hello my name is Jared Ward, I have over 5 years experience in teaching ESL.

Jared Cameron Ward

Email: sheepishone29@hotmail.com Phone: 15065160503


Certified English Teacher (TESOL), Teach International, Brisbane, Australia

TKT Band 3- Teaching English to Children

4 subjects towards Bachelor degree at the University Of The Sunshine Coast.

Graduate of St Johns College, Nambour (High school, 2004)

Security Degree with Aviation

3 years Full time- Teacher, E.F Weihai China.


Senior Teacher, Weihai China


Full time Teacher/Senior Teacher

For the last 3 years I have worked as a foreign teacher in E.F, Weihai. Over that time I was responsible for many different tasks and duties. The main task was to teach classes of different ages and levels every week English in a fun and exciting way. My schedule has always been over 20 hours of teaching a week and in that time I have maturated into a dedicated and successful teacher. I have done numerous demo activities and marketing in various public and private schools. I have completed Parent -Teacher meetings and profiles about the student’s progress. My experience in teaching and learning about ESL has been excellent and I would be a real asset to your school. I have taught children and adults ranging from 2 to 40 years old and have great experience in ESL teaching.

Managing Staff

As an assistant manager of fresh produce, for 4 years at Coles Chermiside I successfully managed and trained my staff to the best of their abilities. I was responsible for the daily operations of the store and implementing management techniques that were responsible for customers to experience a high level of customer service. On occasion staff came to me with problems that ranged from other staff members to personal matters, in which I was able to handle these matters with skills i believe will benefitIa learning classroom.

In 4 years in this position I learned a vast array of skills I believe will help me grow and mature as a TESOL teacher.

Assistant Director/ Writer:

One of my main passions is film and film making, and some years ago I was involved in making low budget movies. It was from this time I also begun my other passion which is writing. I have always loved to read and it was soon after that I begun to write short stories and than begun to write film scripts. The time spent making this film was on of the most exciting times of my life. As assistant director it was my responsibility to gather the cast and crew and give them direction as well as manage and help the director in any way he saw fit. From this experience I gained the ability to handle stressful situations, manage people and show direction to help achieve an outcome. As a writer ignited a passion and respect for the english language and how ever changing and beautiful it is. These qualities and many others i have learned over my 27 years of life helps define me as an upcoming teacher and will help define your school.


David Mclellan. Full time Teacher Shiyan Public School (Former DOS E.F).

Weihai, China

Phone: 134 7513 0730

Anthony Harding: Full time teacheR Shiyan Public School.

Phone:136 7631 0970


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