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By:Berenthea Swartz <berentheswartz@gmail.com>
Date: 29 March 2018

of Berenthea Swartz
JohnBisseker 2016
Braelynn East London
Eastern Cape, 5201
South Africa

Due to my combined interest in education, excellence through learning, open ethical dealings, service, and working with
people of all kinds of diversity in an unconventional environment, and by believing that it’s my goal to assert the
responsibility of educators to guide pupils and students in order for them to develop creative potential and
responsibility. I have included my detailed Curriculum Vitae as per recommendation.

Finding a good employee is certainly not an easy task. It is one of the most important tasks any sector faces. People have
the misperception that, working in sector such as Education, merely means just a normal workload. Well I strongly believe
that working in the field of Education; it is about being dedicated, remarkable service, dealing with people and students,
rendering effective service on behave of all members, dignity, integrity, professionalism, and a non-discriminant system.
Therefore I believe the better quality of people in any organization, the better performance of the organization. My
experience directly qualifies me for your institution. I am hardworking, competent young vibrant person. I enjoy
producing new insights, ideas and also seeking opportunities for improvement. I am goal driven and set clear objectives
for myself. I plan well in advance and believe every institution is based on people and product and goes hand in hand with
rendering great service .We living in a fast paste environment and a sense of urgency is important and vital. As a Leader I
don’t believe in problems I believe in solutions. I am never completely satisfied and have an insatiable taste for constant
improvement. As a leader I continuously evaluate my teaching skills, approach and techniques to see: if they are
working, how my style is affecting my relationships with staff/students, how I can improve it and what resources exist to
improve it. I’m not a perfectionist yet I seek perfection, thus making me organized, detailed orientated and a hands on
approach. I believe in generously recognizing excellence of other leaders and members of the team, which also means, I
will be committed to ensure every child and student deserves quality education. I have the courage to contribute ideas
and I can be seen as an investment in future potential. To me positive attitude is everything and with my vibrancy,
innovative thinking, treating people with dignity and being trustworthy will make a great asset for the institution. I will
bring to the institution all my skills and positive structure I have gained through experience. I am excellent in deciding and
initiating action plans, by making effective decisions under difficult circumstances and taking responsibilities and
initiative. With my leading, facilitating, improvising and teaching skills, I will provide others will clear direction,
establishing standards of behavior for others and motivating and empowering them. I love working with students, which
automatically becomes an advantage to any institution. Reason being: I show interest in others, diversity, work effectively
in teams, building team spirit and show care and consideration for individuals. I will bring to the institution my technical
expertise as well as developing job knowledge with others. I will formulate strategies and concepts by working
strategically and in line with policy and procedures to attain institutional goals, developing strategies and taking into
account a wide range of issues that will impact the institution. Goals will be managing the delivery of the institutions
promise, with pace and excellence in order to maximize growth and ensure sustainability. Improving the frequency of your
communications and acting in accordance with the policy and procedures. I believe my personality and skills are well
suited for this line of work and my resume will give you a clear understanding of my capabilities and how I can apply my
skills to exceeding the needs and requirements of your Institution.

I would like the opportunity to meet with you and discuss with you during a personal interview how I may be an asset to
your company. I can be reached/contacted from (8am to 10pm GMT) at (+27 0847994662).I hope to hear from you soon to
set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.
Thank You
Miss B.E. Swartz

East London, 5201
Cell: 0847994662 berentheswartz@gmail.com Work: (043) 7436900

Personal Information
Name : Berenthea
Surname : Swartz
Gender : Female
Marital Status : Single
Dependants : 3

Education Career

High School Attended : Spandau Sec School
Highest Standard Passes : Grade 12 ( matric)
Subjects Passed : Afrikaans 1st Language
English 2nd Language
Biblical studies
Business studies
Business economics

Further Education
Institution : Cornerstone
Call Centre agent

Institution : University of Fort Hare
Bachelor of Education (Degree)

Institution : University of Fort Hare
Bachelor of Education (Honours)

Working experience

Institution : Leisure centre (United Kingdom)
Position Held : Team leader
Duties : Corporate event organiser
Lane server
Kiddies party organiser
Duration : Feb 2005- Dec 2005
Reason for leaving : Better job opportunity

Institution : Nursery School (UniteKingdom)
Position : Nursery nurse
Duration : January 2006- March 2007
Duties : Taking care of children from
4months-4 years.
Reason for leaving : Moved back to South Africa

Institution : Absa Bank (Cape Town)
Position : Absa Broker
Duties : Selling of insurances
Duration : May 2008- Sept 2008
Reason for leaving : Moved back to Eastern Cape

Institution : John Bisseker High School
Position : Post Level 1
Duties : English language teacher
Social Science/Sports
Duration : March 2014- current
Reason for leaving : NA

1.Mr.T.Vangadajellum : Principle- John Bisseker School
043 7436900
2. Mr. G.Sallie : Manager
3. Nancy Swartz : Manager of Leisure Centre


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