Arabian Gulf states,Open
By:Hamed <[email protected]>
Date: 13 February 2018

I hope you are doing great.still seek an ESL/EFL vacancy at your college,institute,centre,academy ,schools.Egyptian,near-native English proficiency,BA in English from Egyptian universities,TESOL,DELTA certificates and post BA certificates/studies in English language,methodology,instructional technology,training and supervisors'skills from USA universities.very rich experience of teaching different levels of students overseas" Egypt,Saudi Arabia,Kuwait and USA". I'm 61,9 month years old,But,in good health,outgoing,enthusiastic,creative,veteran and supportive to other team members to achieve our professional goals.I can travel through a formal invitation business visa letter if my age has any work visa problems,This kind of visas does not have any age limits or restrictions,I can also teach long/short courses contract.If my information interests you,Looking forward to hearing from you.Ready for any interviews.My credentials and references are upon request.My photo with my coworkers, Dr.Ruth,from the American university ,Dr.Jennis from the British council at the international language assessment conference 5 days ago.


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