Anywhere in China
By:Ashley Barlow <>
Date: 29 March 2018

My name is Ashley Barlow. I am a 24 year old English teacher from Nigeria. I have a B.A degree and about 4 years teaching experience. I have taught classes from Kindergarten, primary and secondary school. I love children and usually carry out a pragmatic approach in teaching kids.

Even though I'm considered a "native" English speaker, I believe "any" language (English Included) is a shared possession which can be learned and can be taught by anyone to fluent levels. It is the first and official language in my country and I speak it with native english fluency.

I need a school that can provide me a work permit ,so if your school can, send a message to my email.

I made a teaching demo, you can check it if interested. It is about the four seasons and I made all the materials myself (It was raining so sorry about the slightly wet face).


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