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By:Hamed <[email protected]>
Date: 13 February 2018

I still look for an ESL/EFL teaching,training or coordination vacancy at your reputable institution.Egyptian,near-native English speaker with BA from Egyptian universities and a renewable visa to the states,TESOL,DELTA certificates,and post BA studies in English language,methodology,training and supervisors'skills from USA universities,more than 40 English certificates in different areas.I'm creative,in good health,qualified,resourceful,gregarious,veteran ,adaptable and supportive to other team members to achieve our professional goals.very wealthy experience of teaching different ages and levels of students overseas " Egypt,Saudi Arabia,USA and Kuwait".can teach family members and companies employees tailored courses if invited,and travel through a formal invitation letter if there is no work visas for expatriates now.Actually,You will not regret if you select me ,because I will be a definite asset to your fabulous team,I do not embellish the story. I can help my beloved students dispel their apprehension about speaking English fluently, appropiately and purposefully,improve listening skills,discover their innate writing and reading talents,teach them Grammar,vocabulary,Novel,pronunciation,conversation, and other English areas through embracing up-to -date techniques,activities and technology.can motivate them by creating an interactive environment in my classes ,helping them use and practise English as areal life and social language inside and outside classes and can offer more than you imagine If my information interests you,Looking forward to hearing from you.My credentials are upon your request.
Best regards


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