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Shizuoka Prefecture
By:Rod Tymchuk <rltt@hotmail.com>
Date: 18 October 2018

Rod Tymchuk: Cover Letter

Teaching is a privilege that I take very seriously. It is also something that is done better when it is fun for the students. I bring both aspects of learning to the classes that I teach in. For me this means treating the students with respect and discipline. It also means developing lessons and ideas that go with the lessons that are fun for the students and enjoyable for the teachers. I respect fellow teachers and co-workers. The quality of the people I work with is extremely high. The people are well respected in the community and I am sure to act accordingly in their presence. I am also careful to model the same behavior in my own performance. I also like to see the students advance in their abilities. Helping and coordinating events and activities that the students can make progress with is enjoyable and rewarding for me. I am not only an information source for students to learn from. I am also adept at showing students who have difficulty, systems and manners to which they become more capable learners with. This is a key for me to becoming a better teacher. I also challenge myself whenever possible to keep learning so I maintain a sharpness in my own capabilities. I am aware that in me, students may also witness and become familiar with appropriate nuances of manner or behavior that they may not have witnessed before. One of the great rewards of being a teacher is also actually seeing the students get good at the subjects they are learning. I strive for these goals. And do my very best to fulfill the obligations that I have, according to the aspirations and requirements of the organization that I am working for. This make for a full circle of accomplishment and fulfilment. Which, in my humble opinion makes everyone better human beings and happy. At the very least this is what I am striving for and at the utmost what I hope to accomplish!


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