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Dr Norman

You can learn to use grammar easily and correctly in your everyday speaking and writing by using the most powerful techniques. These techniques come from 2 main approaches to teaching and learning grammar:
1. The “skills based” approach, where you learn grammar by learning and practising the rules, and
2. The “language in context” approach where you learn grammar by using real English.

The most effective way to learn grammar is to take advantage of the best from both of these approaches to ‘super-charge’ your progress. To take best advantage of these approaches, there are 3 key questions to answer.

1. Which approach to grammar have you been using?
2. What can you do in English and what do you need to improve?
3. Which services are available to you?

By matching techniques from both of these approaches with (i) your stage of English development, (ii) your style of learning and (iii) the available services, you will have found the most effective ways for you to learn grammar.

To find out more about each of these approaches and how to answer each of these questions, see my blog article and my video on this topic at https://www.advancedenglishlearning.com/Best-Ways-to-Learn-Grammar-Blog

Dr Norman is the Director of Advanced English Learning. She has helped many students to achieve success and reach an advanced level of English for studying in an English speaking university and for working in an English speaking workplace. If you would like to benefit from Dr Norman’s experience and expertise, see the advanced English course and pronunciation programs that she offers at https://www.advancedenglishlearning.com/ and try some of the free lessons.

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