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English Learning Tips For Students
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American TESOL's resources for teachers and students: Online English Lessons, TESOL Toolbar and My TESOL - Sponsor

Figuring out how to learn American English online for free can save you both time and money as you work to gain an invaluable skill. You can learn American English online for free at your own pace, moving form lesson to lesson as you gain familiarity with the language. There are many resources to help you study and learn American English online free; here are some ideas:


Go to the Activities for ESL Students website (see Resources, below) to find grammar quizzes, vocabulary quizzes, crossword puzzles, bilingual quizzes in your native language and English, video podcasts, audio podcasts and more. These resources are essential to helping you learn American English online for free.


Check out the Interesting Things for English as a Second language (ESL) Students site, another great resource. Here, you'll find some wonderful things to help you learn American English online free of charge. Try the "Easy Things for Beginners" page if you're new to English. The site also offers vocabulary work, grammar/vocabulary quizzes, slang, pronunciation, podcasts / songs / jokes, reading pages and much more.


Browse the ESL-English Language Programs site for free American English online materials. The site can point you to local resources to help you learn American English.


Navigate to the ESL Gold for Free English teaching and learning resources. There are speaking and listening exercises, reading, writing and grammar pages, a business section, and more free resources for learning American English online.


Set a vocabulary goal for each week. Try to learn several new American English words each day, including the meaning, pronunciation and spelling.

Persevere in your efforts -- learning American English is a difficult process.

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