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Kevin Mansfield

"Do you want to learn English well?" asked I.
"Yes, I do!" one answered me.
"How to learn this language well? Have you got the proper ideas?" pressed I.
"I don't know." answered he.

The conversation above is my creation, but I want to say that so many English learners who have been learning English for years don't have a relatively clear view about how to learn this language well.

Today a great number of people choose software to learn, always Rosetta Stone English is the first choice because of its great power and of the development of computer and Internet.

Rosetta Stone definitely can teach you a lot about English speaking, listening, and writing. But you should have your goals to learn this language as well even you have no it.

First, let's look at speaking. Everyday you should try your best to talk as much as you can with those who share the same interest or the major. Language is a very strange thing. If you leave it alone for one day, you will feel something uneasy when you pick it up another day. And you should say to yourself, "I must speak English for 30 minutes one day." Then try your best to finish it. Certainly you cannot always find native speakers, so you can speak to yourself or surf the Internet for good English speakers. Or you can find a English corner, where you may visit as frequently as you can.

Second, let's see listening. This part is also very important in your English practice and your final success. If you hope to understand others, you must listen. But to many guys, this part is very hard to pass. But why have some people got very good listening? That's easy. Because they keep a habit of listening to English for a certain time(30 minutes or so) each day without condition and excuse. Keep it and you will find wonders in your ears.

Third, let's move to reading. Reading plays a very important role in your English learning as well. It can train your vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. But you must have the patience and heart to read even each word in this process. English is not your mother tongue after all. In my point of view you had better list a schedule for yourself reading. Maybe you should read 20 pages or 30 pages or one good chapter for a day. You see, when you read, your understanding about this language grows. At the same time you should read all sorts of materials for the sake of promoting your view on the world.

Fourth, let's look at writing. If you want to write, you need to read a lot, then you have something to set down on the paper. writing can also improve your understanding about this language, even very subtly and carefully. Then your entire ability will be improved as well. Furthermore, when you write, you can feel something directly from your heart, like a streak of clean water running gently through your heart. I have tried many times.

So learning English is not that hard. But I should say you need to put your heart wholy into it and have perseverance. Then when you pick up Rosetta Stone English http://www.discountrosettastone4u.com/, you will find you can get a lot from it.

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