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Renee Goodrich

Common Nouns refer to all those things that can be perceived by our senses. They can be seen, heard, smelt, tasted or felt. You can see why they are also called concrete nouns.

A very simple way to start exploring the world of common nouns is to use the senses

Start by asking your students to write five things that can be perceived by each sense.

Discuss the fact that most things can be perceived by more than one sense.

A cake can be seen, smelt tasted and felt. It can even be heard if we drop it on the ground. However, usually one sense dominates.

We tend to think of feeling goo even though we can see it. We tend to think of smelling perfume even though we can feel it. We tend to think of tasting icecream even though we can smell it.

Continue exploring by focusing on one subject area.

Choose a subject area and ask your students to think of related common nouns.

The subject area of monsters (always popular) might lead to blood, fangs, claws, zombies, vampires, eyeballs and wounds.

The subject area of medicine might lead to bones, x-rays, doctors, nurses, hospitals, beds and ambulances.

You could divide your class into groups and ask each group to focus on a different subject area.

Delve deeper by looking at common nouns that have a personal connection.

Ask your students to write down...............

everything they are wearing
20 things in and on their school bag
20 things in their desk
20 things in their bedroom

If you would like access to more common noun resources head to http://www.free-teacher-worksheets.com/types-of-nouns.html

If you would like access to a wider range of free teacher worksheets and resources head to


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