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Modi Pankaj

Phrasal verbs are gaining in importance with the globalisation of the English language. The key to understanding, speaking, reading and writing high quality English is to perfect the usage of phrasal verb meanings. This is being made possible by the publishing of a large number of good phrasal verb books to help the uninitiated. These books generally provide to the reader, a complete glossary of popular phrasal verbs in English and their meanings in alphabetical order.

A phrasal verb is a very popular tool in modern English. This term was first used by an eminent English grammarian, Logan Pearsall Smith. It is a combination of a verb and a preposition, a verb and an adverb, or a verb with both an adverb and a preposition. These combinations form an integral part of the syntax of the sentence. Every phrasal verb forms a complete semantic unit that has a fixed meaning of its own. There may be sentences which contain direct and indirect objects apart from the phrasal verb. Such verbs and their meanings are used very frequently in the English language. The phrasal verb and meaning are often different from the original verb.

Phrasal verbs are used in the informal sense in colloquial speech, in sharp contrast with the more formal verbs. One needs to perfect their usage and learn about the phrasal verb meanings in detail in order to have a command over the English language. A single verb can be used as a phrasal verb in more than one way such that it has a literal phrasal verb meaning as well as an idiomatic phrasal verb meaning. All the good dictionaries as well as the grammar books of the English language explain the usage of phrasal verbs. These verbs are used in three basic patterns particle verbs, prepositional verbs and phrasal-prepositional verbs. Special verb forms and claused also combine with phrasal verbs to add color to the English language. Phrasal verbs and modifying adverbs are also used in conjunction with each other. Utmost care should be taken to ensure that people new to the English language grasp the difference between the meanings and usage of idioms and phrasal verbs.

Today a large number of national as well as international competitive exams test the candidate's knowledge of the English language. Researchers have analysed the questions asked in such exams and according to them, a large number of questions are directly or indirectly related to the knowledge and application of phrasal verb meanings in the correct manner. Therefore, for a student looking to make his mark in such exams, the indepth study of phrasal verbs assumes prime importance. This is also the reason behind English teachers and trainers proficient in the English language getting paid handsomely and gaining wide respect among students as well as peers.

In conclusion, one can clearly state that phrasal verbs are a central cog in the constantly changing modern English.

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