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Stephen Marchment

A strong vocabulary is an amazing tool in life. Having a strong vocabulary can support you through many times both good and bad, if you need support in your vocal skills in your personal life or in the business world then a strong vocabulary is a must.

So what is a vocabulary?

It is surprising to note that not everyone knows what a vocabulary is.

Well a vocabulary is the amount of words a person knows and understands. This means they can use them in the right context while speaking and writing or understands what they mean in conversation or while reading and watching television.

How can a strong vocabulary support me?

A strong vocabulary helps a person be more descriptive in everything they do. This may be in their personal life where their vocabulary can help them to be more open and descriptive with emotions and life in general.

A good vocabulary can also be a great support in a person's career as it can really improve a person's interaction with customers, fellow employees and senior management. By having more words at their disposal a person will be able to be more confident in speaking with clients and employees and will also be able to explain themselves more clearly.


In this day and age people neglect to improve their vocabulary after leaving the sanctuary of further education. It is because of this that many people fail to take full advantage of building a strong vocabulary to support their personal and business life.

It doesn't take much time and effort to improve ones vocabulary. To improve your vocabulary you can read more and take more notice of words you don't understand in conversation. Any word you are unsure of you can use a thesaurus or the power of the internet to find out what the word means and in what context it can be used.

The writer of this article supports vocabularybuilding.org which is a great website for anyone interested in vocabulary building http://www.vocabularybuilding.org/ exercises to improve their own wellbeing through the power of words.

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