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Gene Smith

I must warn you that I'm not an expert on slang. What I'm going to offer is my best estimate of the meaning to some of the slang that's you may hear daily. If a friend tells you that I got the meanings wrong or that I'm not quite accurate, that may be true. However, I am going to reflect on my own observations and give you the best definition of slang terms that I know. I hope that this may be of benefit to you.


Wrong Dude-An inconsistent, devious or petulant person.

Balls To The Wall-Meeting or exceeding a criterion usually accompanied by an unusual event or action.

Dissin-Showing disrespect usually to you in the company of others.

Freeze-Stop. Stop immediately!

Bag-situation. e.g.-He's got a new bag.

Wipe your feet-This is usually a sign at a small store, like a small store. It does not mean "wipe your feet"-it means to wipe your shoes on the mat in front of the door.

Whatever!-in response to a statement from you. It means: I am not in agreement with you, actually I don't care what you have said-It has no relevance.

Java, Joe, Mud-Coffee.

What's up-What's happening?- Hello!

Fax-A message sent via electronic means and printed at a remote area.

Belly Up-Failure,as in a business.

Hottie-An attractive lady, usually under the age of thirty years.

Dufus-A dull, unintelligent person prone to failure.

Exit-Egress, The Way Out

Skin of your teeth-Being barely removed from a disaster. Moving away from adversity.

Broke-Overextended, out of money, having no means of support. eg-I'm broke.

Can I help you?-May I help you?

Shut up!-Be silent.

Carrot Top-Someone with red hair.


Willies-An unusual feeling-excited, cold,affectionate.


Up the creek without a paddle-Having little means of support.

Up the stump-pregnant.

Good little bit-Speaking for a long duration.

Several-An indeterminate amount of items, usually less than 10.

How y'all doing?-How are you doing?

Let me axe you a question? I want to ask you a question.

Mexicans-A hot dog with chili. Very regional.

He don't know nothing-He doesn't know anything.

Brewski-A beer.


Hurting for certain-Possessing little skill to cope with daily life.

Odd ball-Unusual person.


Toast-An ignorant or unintelligent person with a penchant for ineptitude.

Fleece-To embezzle a person.


Slug-A lazy person.

Pretty as a picture-Attractive.

Couple of candy bars- Two candy bars.

No Trespassing-Do not enter. Don't go in this area.



All Hell broke loose-A personal disaster.

Don't get me wrong-A preface to a statement made by a speaker that is usually offensive.

You're alright-I have a good opinion of you.

Fugly-Exceptionally ugly.

Redneck-A rural person, usually from Appalachia.

Got out of the pen-Released from jail.

Under the sun-All inclusive.

Mix-A collective group, usually for a single or unified purpose.

This is not an all inclusive list. There are numerous offensive slang terms for every ethnic group under the sun. However, I am not going to include them in this paper. Additionally, drug culture terminology is not included since I hope that you will not be in that mix.

Books are also available on the web and in bookstore on American Slang.

Good luck in your understanding of those who now speak about you.

Gene M. Smith

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