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Hannah Dickins

You already know the importance of providing the right training for your employees. Training improves productivity and expands the horizons for your company. You may have overlooked the possibilities that come with foreign language training. Speaking the language of the country you operate in is enough if you don’t intend on expanding, but foreign language training can take your employees to new places both literally and figuratively. Offering classes to the key players within your business comes with many benefits attached.

1. Better customer service

All of your employees may speak English, but what about your clients and customers? For some of them, English may be a second language. Being able to break the language barriers by having employees who speak the native languages of your customer will result in a better customer service experience. Those who call English a second language will feel loyal to you for giving them the tools to communicate naturally. It extends expected courtesy to a premium level.

2. Extend your business trips

Most businesspeople speak English, so that’s not something you’ll have to worry about. What you need to consider is that businesspeople in other countries learned to speak English in addition to their native language. If your employees learn other languages, they can communicate in business settings all over the world. They’ll be able to speak to locals and get more done while they’re in the area. Even a tourist level of language learning is beneficial.

3. Diversify your customer base

The more languages you can communicate in, the better your reach will be. You may not realize the minority in your area that speaks a different language, but they’re having a hard time getting products and services easily because of their inability to communicate. If you have employees staffed that can speak to them, and promotional materials in languages they understand, you’re going to draw in a whole new crowd that’s been vastly neglected by competing businesses who haven’t gone the extra mile.

4. Take your business across the globe

Researching culture and customer attitudes in countries you’d like to expand to is the key to success if you want to thrive in that area. Employees willing to transfer to a different country will need to develop a mastery of the language if they want to represent your business there. Working out deals, setting things up, and making negotiations is simpler when everyone is speaking the same language.

5. Increase employee value and see better applications

Obviously, employees who are bilingual are generally worth more. On the other hand, employers that provide their employees with comprehensive training and advancement opportunities are never slow to fill an open position. Many candidates will view foreign language training as an appealing perk that comes with their job, and ambitious candidates will flock to an employer who is prepared to offer it to them. These are qualified candidates who are eager to work their way to the top of your company.

Your business may not be at a point where you’re ready to take on the whole world, but it’s never too early to start preparing. Speak to your employees to see who would be interested in taking foreign language training. You may be surprised how many of them raise their hands.

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