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I want to say a few things about the TOEFL today. I recommend using a template to get organised.
Have you ever tried painting with a template? It makes life so easy because you can simply follow the lines dictated by your template and it’s impossible to go wrong. If you’re quaking in your boots (nervous) about the Speaking test, you can do the same. Write down a basic structure, and then learn it by heart before practising inserting your spoken ideas into this format. Doing so will earn you great points for organisation and for content, key areas in the TOEFL Speaking. Your template might look something like this:

I think/ my opinion is / as far as I can see/ for me ____________________
To start with/ first things first/ firstly _________________________
Following up on that / secondly / my next point is __________________
Lastly/ to bring things to a close / my final point is______________________
To conclude / to sum up (paraphrase your initial thesis)___________________

A lot of my students complain about the noise around them during the test.

Some candidates find it very difficult to concentrate with background noise surrounding them as it can confuse the brain and make speaking in a foreign language much more challenging. It could be worth, therefore, strategically planning your time so that you begin your speaking task after some or all of your fellow applicants have finished. Doing so only requires spending more time setting up your equipment and digesting the instructions for the Speaking test. In many ways, this is a personal choice and you should test at home to see whether it would work for you- as delaying will naturally cut into your test time. Try it yourself and see what benefits you personally!

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