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Ok today I want to talk about some English slang.

‘Textspeak’ is the name for all those special phrases, abbreviations and acronyms we use in online chat and SMS messages (often called text messages in English). No one can deny how useful it is, when you’re try to write fast and have only mastered one-fingered typing (like me) or when you are paying per character and so want to fit a four paragraph story into two lines. Let’s start with the most common acronyms and initialisms you might see around- these look completely unfamiliar until you know what they are! If you text a friend asking what the homework was for maths and she writes back ‘IDK!’ you are both in trouble because she’s saying she doesn’t know. THNX or THX are ‘thank you’ and PLS is ‘please.’ Source of much confusion is LOL which some read as ‘lots of love’ but actually means ‘laughing out loud!’ Oh dear! To actually tell someone you care, choose ILY or ‘I love you.’ A couple of others have transferred from traditional letter writing because they are still useful: ASAP meaning ‘as soon as possible’ and RSVP, short for the French phrase ‘repondez s’il vous plait,’ is used with an invitation meaning you must reply to say that you’ll attend- for example, to a dinner where the host needs to know how many people will be eating. A few other essentials would be IMHO- ‘in my honest opinion’- and BRB for ‘be right back’, when you are stepping away from your keyboard. TMI stands, of course, for ‘too much information’. If the news is big, you need to give an appropriate reaction, so choose SMH ‘shake my head’ or maybe ROFLMAO ‘roll on the floor laughing my arse off’.

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