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Brian Xavier

Online slang is an intriguing topic, and as you are going to soon discover, it did not pursue the regular course that many conventional languages have taken, but in a way, this expanded because of a need to talk just as we do in actual life.

In order to appreciate the reason why online slang is unique, it helps to go through a small amount of history. In the past, we all as human beings, developed the ability to signal and read sentiments, we notice somebody smiling, we know that they're in a positive mood, or that they're agreeing, this determines the flow of the dialogue and makes us much more able to communicate. We see a person looking at the clock, we understand that they want to leave, we anticipate that they would come up with some sort of excuse soon. We all know that simply because we grew up to understand these signals, we've witnessed them occurring numerous times, and we came to understand the sequences and how to respond to them.

Very little originality goes into this procedure, each time a given sequence takes place, we all simply robotically activate the socially acceptable response and move on.This nonetheless, was quickly found to be lacking on chat systems.We now have this new interaction system, and we're expected to utilize it to talk just like most people do in actual life.

Obviously, we had to fill the holes which are present in this different system, through essentially inventing reasonable responses to all sort of scenarios, we expected a solid basis to express sensations and reactions that can't be easily conveyed in text. That's predominantly the reason why this particular brand new language has been designed. You might say it truly is similar to a micro-language, in the sense that it's superimposed over a standard language.

Now I'll introduce you to one of the more common acronyms on the net, if not the most prevalent.

LOL means "Laughing Out Loud", this is essentially one of the most used terms, and is therefore the 1st one we're going to discuss, you can rarely stop by any chat network and not just find "LOL" applied no less than a couple of times a minute, that's due to the fact that it's used by almost everyone, and seeing that internet chitchat is mostly about funny and entertaining things, "LOL" is simply the ideal answer for almost everything, it's the digital equivalent of a laugh or a quick laugh in the real life. At the same time, "LOL" can be utilized as a reply to itself, so if a person is saying "LOL", you quite often notice that another person replying using "LOL" as well. I did a test about a month ago, I went on IRC, got in a crowded channel and basically counted the sheer number of occasions "LOL" appeared on my screen, final result: 30 instances in five minutes.

Should I make use of "LOL"? I really do, a lot, probably much more than the average person, not really because I particularly like "LOL" but due to the fact that it may be employed in many circumstances in very different contexts and still appear like a good reply to whatever is being said. Not to mention that nobody disagrees with a LOL! It is really difficult to get any sort of term from the dictionary which can take the place of "LOL" in online talk, It's an emotional reply, not much of a literal one.

Pretty amazing isn't it? We haven't even started talking about "ROFL" or "LMAO" that is very popular as well, you'll find a number of variants of "LOL" which are also common today.

Online world slang is without a doubt one of these subjects that are rarely talked about, yet still huge numbers of people put it to use each day. If you love to learn even more about the topic of internet slang and acronyms, come and check this chat slang http://www.lmaomeaning.com/ blog, I'll be posting more content associated with this subject too.

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