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Teacher Sue

Learning a new language is sometimes not an easy task, it takes time, effort and patience. Whether you are a child learning your alphabet, reading for the first time or taking English as your foreign language, English lessons can seem like quite a challenge. However it does not have to be that way, video lessons are extremely handy tools to own or access.

Focusing on the fundamentals of English in simplified grammar lessons is a key starting point to achieving thinking and understanding English. Video lessons on nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, adverbs, tenses and singular and plural are all vital important concepts of the language. Grammar lessons focus on helping the student know and understand how words fit in a sentence.

Once grammar has been grasped, a student can really start to expand their vocabulary and collection of words. Lessons that cover sentences and naming words on a wide variety of everyday topics like animals, nature, the human body, transport, food, weather, family, sports, music and cooking will help expand the students daily vocal knowledge.

Simple concepts of the English language should be laid out in basic terms. Teachers and parents will find lessons on the alphabet, time, days of the week, months, seasons, colours and shapes to be helpful tools as a starting point for young children.

When watching video lessons, a new language learner can absorb the sound of the pronunciation of the instructor and the sight of the matching pictures and words. This is where sight and sound tie in together to create a well rounded audio-visual learning experience. Reading, spelling and writing can be implemented in a very unique way of watching the video lessons as often as needed.

Video lessons can be paused, replayed and discussed at leisure.
Video lessons offer a library of topics that a teacher or parent might not cover or have thought of.
Video lessons can be watched or accessed at any time of the day or night at someones convenience. This can actually accelerate the learning pace if needs be.

A new language learner needs to solidify a new concept by taking a lesson and watching it as often as needed. Everyone learns at a different pace, therefore video lessons act as a self-paced tool.

Testing a new language learner with well rounded, simplified tests is also a good idea. Once enough has been learnt and understood, a student should be challenged to see if they have grasped their lessons.
Test the new language learner on spelling words they have learnt, true and false sentences, fill in the gap and naming items.

Dynamic, interesting and exciting English video lessons will enhance a students language learning experience and build confidence in the use of their new vocabulary and speech. Learning English will take their lives to a whole new exciting level!

Teacher Sue

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