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Employment Tips at www.eslteachersboard.com
Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China
Shiyan Golden Future Foreign Language Training School -- 2018-06-01 09:14
Shiyan Golden Future Foreign Language Training School is located in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China. It was established in 2004, which provides professional and fun programs to both teenager and adult foreign language learners in China. We have the license by Chinese government to invite the fore...
How to Get Prepared for a Fairy Tale Retelling in School
JamesMulvaney -- 2018-02-29 02:54
There are many different kinds of writing procedures and there is no way to argue that one of the most fun and engaging for the writer is to be creative. When you write something creative, you are allowing your brain to work without a core influence and all you do is take a little bit of everything ...
How can teachers avoid "burning out"?
Floris -- 2018-02-29 02:54
Burn out comes from a real or perceived gap between expectations and reality. That's the formula for shame. This gap can also lead to disenchantment, which is a lot like depression. When people believe they're not living up to expectations, everyday life events start to feel like bigger threats than...
Choosing the Right Country to Get Back into Teaching
Charles Christie -- 2018-02-29 02:54
Easy I hear you say, just upload your resume on this website accept one of the offers and fly out and start the job. Not so easy now days as visa, age, cost, qualifications and other requirements you must meet to secure a job & work visa. Jobs available matching your criteria Large selection of ESL ...
5 Tips for Fighting a Bad Performance Appraisal
Scarlet Klenn -- 2018-02-29 02:54
We have all been there, the annual or bi-annual performance review where we expect great things and get blindsided by management. Here are 5 tips to handling a bad performance appraisal when you feel it is unfair. Stay calm If your performance appraisal is negative when you aren’t expecting it, th...
What you should know about working abroad
Alice Berg -- 2017-06-12 08:55
What you should know about working abroad Finding the best job for yourself isn't a piece of cake, as it takes lots of planning, practising and much time. In order to acquire the position you want so badly, you'll need a few drops of patience, all your experience, and a good resume, which you can ma...
Best Jobs That Pay You to Travel
Remi Morrison -- 2016-11-16 19:16
It’s time to rejoice for those who are longing to start traveling instead of applying for boring jobs. We prepared a list of best jobs that really pay you to travel. Take some time to look through them and choose one that may be suitable for you. Before we start, there is one significant thing you...
Resume Your Job Search this Winter
Victoria -- 2015-11-01 17:07
Resume Your Job Search this Winter Winter is coming and Christmas holidays are around the corner! Think about presents you want to give to your friends and family. Seems like you will have to pay lot of money for them. Therefore, it’s time to think about your job. If you are unemployed, resuming y...
Re: Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss
Silverboy -- 2014-10-08 06:53
IMO, rubbish GW advice that nobody should listen to. If you have a boss who is a bastard, secretly undermine them for a few weeks, cause problems for them, secretly look for another job, do not disclose your current employment to a future employer, use previous references or start your own business....
Teaching English in South Korea Warnings and Cautions - Pitfalls and Opportunities
Stephen Bass -- 2014-08-07 20:56
Know Before You Go! This investigative report documents over four-hundred complaints reported by Native English-speakers who taught English conversation at language institutes in South Korea. This guide can help prospective teachers to avoid these problems. Examples of complaints in the book voiced ...

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