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How to Handle Difficult Coworkers  by: T. J. Lashley
Got a job that you like but can't say the same about your coworkers? If this happens to be the case, and you are reaching your end, you may have other options than to seek other employment. Let's..
Changing Careers During The Holidays  by: Annemarie Segaric
We're getting into the busy holiday season and the time of year when you'll hear people say it's hard to find a job or change careers. Is it really true? Yes... and no. Yes, it's a busy time. People..
Career Change in the New Year! Make It Great in 2008!  by: Christina Carpentier
It is December and the time of year where we all know the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season starts pulling us in directions that we may not even want to go, but sometimes feel we have no..
Career Change - Find a Role Model  by: Waller Jamison
If the effort involved in career change is proving difficult, think about finding a role model. When you are working full time and a change of direction means studying or learning new skills, you..
Five Reasons For Having Administrative Meetings  by: Kenny Leones
For a company to survive the current economic challenges, administrative meetings are important tools to check if the company is prepared to tackle all the possible problems that will occur during..
Career Consultants Help People Find and Change Jobs  by: Don Skipper
As companies downsize, services consolidate and manufacturing firms reposition themselves to foreign soil, many Americans are being forced to change their careers. Even among those with a clear..
Do You Really Care About Your Career?  by: Salvatore Mcdonagh
What do you care about? The answer to this question will tell you in which industry or sector you should be working to give your career meaning and help keep you self motivated. Some examples: you..
Illegal Interview Questions -- Be Prepared  by: Nathan Newberger
This helpful and insightful article will keep you alert of illegal interview questions and strategies on how to best deal with them if they do arise. This information can help you when you are..
Tips on Writing an Effective Annual Performance Review for an Employee  by: Ruth Mayhew
Employees depend on supervisor feedback to understand their strengths and weaknesses and to identify performance goals. An annual performance review is an effective method for identifying areas where..
Essence of Teamwork  by: Anil Nigam
Requirement of Teamwork? Larger, ambitious goals requiring unique tailor made approaches usually require that people work together with other people in a team and not as individual. As the tasks are..
Avoiding Unfair Dismissal-10 Tips For Dealing With Difficult Bosses  by: Chris Norton
Unfair dismissal & constructive dismissal can sometimes occur when a bad boss is at work. These dismissals can become messy and involve an Employment Law solicitor or an Employment Tribunal - though..
Take Control Of Your Career!  by: Andre Palmer
Overview The most important first step to make a radical career change is to take a good look at your present situation - The most important first step is to get an overview of what your situation..
Choosing the Right Country to Get Back into Teaching  by: Charles Christie
Easy I hear you say, just upload your resume on this website accept one of the offers and fly out and start the job. Not so easy now days as visa, age, cost, qualifications and other requirements you..
Job Hunting Attitude: Keep It Positive, Get A Job!  by: John Groth
Job hunting is a marketing project. You are marketing, "You," and the prospective employer is the, "Buyer." In any selling proposition you need to get the buyer's attention. How you craft this..
Eighteen "Do Nots" For Your Next Job Interview  by: Robert Crane
In my career I’ve had plenty of job interviews, probably fifty. And I have to admit that my get-an-offer percentage is maybe 95%; not bad. On the flip side, I have interviewed over a hundred..
How to Resign From Your Job The Graceful and Non Fat Way  by: Mae Paulino
Resigning from one's job is always a dramatic and life-changing decision. Of course, it is, compared to being fired. Whatever your reasons are, resigning from your job can either turn you into a hero..
How to Handle Sudden Unemployment  by: Robert M Littlejohn
Unemployed or Un-empowered ? With our current worldwide recession now taking a firm hold, there are many people who have spent most of their working lives in one job and suddenly they have found..
What Not to Say During a Job Interview  by:
Don’t say: “My current boss is horrendous.” Why: It’s unprofessional. Your interviewer might wonder when you’d start bad-mouthing her. For all you know, she and your current boss are old..
How Should You React If Fired From Job?  by: Yogindernath Gupta
Monster of recession is hovering over everyone across the entire globe these days. Thus layoffs have become a usual affair in the industry. Pink slipping is continuing unabated across almost every..
The Different Types Of Job Interviews  by: Kryssa Lighthall
Job interviews are all about finding the right fit between the employer and potential employee. Job hunters going on interviews can expect one of two primary styles of interviewing. The following..
Career Advice: 10 Steps To Protect Your Career In Tough Times  by: Ramon Greenwood
It's an unsettling fact: we are in one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression. Layoffs are being felt across the board. Indicators suggest that more are yet to come before a..
Your Career Change - Look Carefully Before You Leap!  by: Tony Jacowski
Of course, the problem is not those one or two off days that everyone has, it is the times when you have that sick feeling in your stomach every day before you go to work for who knows how long...
Negotiating Salary - Five Strategies For Success  by: Julia Penny
Research on negotiating salary shows that up to 80 percent of job offers are negotiable but that only a small number of job candidates actually enter into negotiations of the job offer and salary..
Top 3 Basic Types of Work at Home Employment  by: Hector Morales
In the past few years the interest in being able to work from home has increased dramatically. The reasons for this trend vary but it's obvious that having a work at home business has many..
Types of Toxic Coworkers - And Ways to Handle Them  by: Larry Icabandi Nabiong
You promised not to pay attention to some distractions in your office but no matter how hard you tried to ignore a coworker's snide remarks, unethical habit of back stabbing, etc. you were obliged..
Ten Hottest Careers  by: Alexandria Haber
What do you want to be when you grow up? If you are still trying to figure out which career path you want to follow, examine the following list of occupations currently considered the ten hottest..
How to Overcome the 2 Biggest Enemies in a Job Search  by: Brad Remillard
The Beatles once sang, "all you need is love." In life this is true and it certainly helps during a job search, but it is not all you need. However, tough love is a good start. A job search is tough...
Rekindling Passion for Work  by: Richard Hanes
Passion comes in many forms. I’m focused on the version of passion that is “boundless enthusiasm”. Looking up enthusiasm in the dictionary, I learned it is derived from the Greek root entheos,..
How to Handle Sudden Unemployment  by: Robert M Littlejohn
Unemployed or Un-empowered ? With our current worldwide recession now taking a firm hold, there are many people who have spent most of their working lives in one job and suddenly they have found..
Thank You Letter - A Tool to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired  by: Nara Venditti
College seniors will not be thrilled with the news that came out recently saying that less than 50% of employers are planning to hire college graduates. For international students getting a work visa..
10 Time Efficient and Cost Effective Ways To Develop Yourself  by: Duncan Brodie
In the fast moving and every changing world of business, continuing to develop yourself is extremely important. For many people it is way down the priority order. Lack of time is often one of the key..
What Turns Potential Employers ON; What Turns Them OFF?  by: Bonnie Lowe
According to an annual survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, these are the most important qualities that employers are looking for in a job candidate, in priority..
How Not To Lose Your Job After A Heated Argument With Your Boss  by: Leon Edward
Working in an office can be a trying experience. There is bound to be incidents that you wish you could take back. Frustration and resentment build up until the point of heated arguments between..
Changing Industry Is Difficult But Not Impossible  by: Brad Remillard
With a recession in full swing many candidates are seeking to change industries. This is especially true if most of your experience is in an industry that has been hard hit in the recession. Some..
Who Is to Blame for Job Dissatisfaction?  by: Laurie Sheppard
Many of the stereotypes of companies are true. Companies often hire inexperienced workers for low pay, don’t train them and then wonder why they get poor performance. Companies don’t sufficiently..
Emergency Steps To Deal With The Loss Of Your Job  by: Richard Adams
Just been shocked and awed by suddenly being handed the pink slip or been forced to resign because of a weird appraisal or transfer? Feeling as if the world is breaking apart? No clue about what to..
How Well Do You Like Your Work?  by: Rohn Engh
"That's too much work!" a retired businessman said to me after my stock photo workshop when I explained that part of his routine as a freelance stock photographer would include bookkeeping, filling..
Moving Without A Job: Should You Move to the Location of Your Dreams and THEN Look for a Job?  by: Cathy Goodwin
Moving without a job will challenge your identity -- but for some people, it's the best way to go. Here are some ways to deal with the question. How will you answer the "What do you do?" question?..
Job Search For Professionals - 5 Key Points  by: Peter Fisher
Job search for professionals is in many ways more difficult than for mainstream jobs because there are far fewer jobs at the right level. Professionals, such as Accountants, Architects, Chartered..
Career Planning: The Perils of Doing Nothing!  by: John Groth
Career planning seems to make so much sense that it's a wonder that everyone is not doing it. It's a method to manage your career, keep track of progress or the lack of progress, set goals and take a..