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Why Not Work Abroad? My Experience Working Overseas  by: Carl Mueller
Choosing to work abroad is an option that you can use to not only take a different step in your career, but also to expand your personal horizons by experiencing a different culture and environment...
Career - Test Your Negotiation Skills  by: CD Mohatta
Negotiation is part of every professional’s life. To negotiate, means to arrive at an understanding with another person, so that both of you are satisfied with the results. Do you know what is your..
Advice For New Managers – Understand The Players and Make Tangible Progress  by: Gordon Walter
To transform the total organization or their little part of it, new managers must gain the support of internal and external groups. This means identifying and understanding key players, recruiting..
Job Hunting Tips 101: Make It Happen Today  by: Chase Crawford
Are you currently looking for a job? Then you need some of the best job hunting tips to help you land one. After all with the economy not being at its healthiest, finding a good job has become more..
Teaching In International Schools - The Basic Questions  by: Wade Robins
Anyone who has thought about teaching abroad as a way to see the world while both acting as an ambassador for this or her own culture and learning the culture of another country first-hand has..
I Hate My Job: Does This Sound Like Something You Say?  by: Carl Mueller
Do you find yourself saying this on a regular basis? Do you dread having to face another day at work? Do you sometimes wish you’d be fired or laid off just to escape your daily prison? If so, join..
Tips for Conducting a Job Interview  by: Elise Moore
Conducting a job interview may seem simple, but a lot rides on it. Finding the right employees is essential to running a business, while the wrong employee is not only bad for business, but also an..
Self-Employed Resume Tips  by: Jessica DeLisa
Unless you work in a career that has a regular risk of injury, you may never think about job safety, but no matter where you work, you should always follow simple work safety tips. Although your..
Who Is to Blame for Job Dissatisfaction?  by: Laurie Sheppard
Many of the stereotypes of companies are true. Companies often hire inexperienced workers for low pay, don’t train them and then wonder why they get poor performance. Companies don’t sufficiently..
Successful Job Hunting From a New Perspective!  by: John Groth
In every job interview you'll be asked questions and you'll provide answers. Depending how you answer the questions, your demeanor, and other things outside your control, the interview will have two..
When Your Boss Stresses You Out  by: Stan Popovich
You like your job, but your boss gives you a hard time. What can you do if your current boss stresses you out? There are many things an employee can do to solve this problem. First, try to do more..
Conducting Pre-Employment Reference Inquiries and Background Investigations  by: L Scott Harrell
Reference and background inquiries allow an employer to verify information provided by the applicant. Companies who make proper and judicious use of the information gathered as a result of a thorough..
6 Tips For Making it Through Your First Days on the Job  by: Tony Jacowski
First days are hard, there's no arguing that. The moment you set foot in the door all eyes will be watching and judging you to determine what kind of person you are. Making a great first impression..
The Freelance Translator and PayPal  by: Khalid Belamdini
A problem most freelance translators are faces with is how to receive payment. In particular: How to receive payment for small jobs. Many translation agencies are reluctant to pay small fees via wire..
10 Ways For Bosses to Score Points  by: Larry Icabandi Nabiong
Well, not all have the chance and the capacity to become a boss. Only a chosen few have. Lucky are they for being one, sometimes their subordinates become the "unlucky" victims. Yes, with a boss who..
Being Nice And Career And Life Success  by: Bud Bilanich
In my work as an executive coach, I have found that interpersonally competent people share at least three things in common. 1. Interpersonally competent people are self aware. They understand..
Creating Your Presentation Success With a Positive “I CAN” Attitude  by: Debbie Bailey
According to the Lamalle Report on Top Executives of the 1990s, one of the most important factors in determining financial success by those earning over $250,000 is being enthusiastic and having a..
International Business Job Opportunities On The Internet  by: James Tan
One of the best ways to find excellent money-making prospects these days is to look on the internet. There are countless opportunities offering you the chance to make money easily without investing..
Tips for Job Hunting in Today's Market  by: Kristen Hudson
In order to be competitive in today's job market, you must stand apart from the competition. Just how competitive is the market? To illustrate this, Nissan North America recently moved their..
New Job Bad Boss - Keep it from Happening!  by: John Groth
Bad Potential Boss: Here are some signs that may keep you from making a mistake and "hiring" the wrong boss. You've been looking for a job for awhile. You've had several interviews. Although you had..
Hiring the Best - Interviewing Strategies that WORK!  by: Terence Traut
In today’s competitive environment, hiring has increasingly become a key link in establishing and maintaining your company’s edge. By attracting and hiring the best people, your company can move..
Choosing A Career In Banking  by: Gavin F Redelman
It was 7.00 on a Monday morning and as I sat on the train on the way to work I found myself sitting behind two gentlemen who I instinctively expected to work in the financial industry. Both men were..
Has Hiring Really "eVolved"  by: Carol Albert
Video Killed the Radio Star – Computers and Technology Killed HR MTV hit the airwaves and changed everything. The same goes for the World Wide Web. However, the ripple effect of technology and mass..
Career Change Skills: 5 Methods to Help You Change Careers!  by: John Groth
Oh, for the good old days. You went to school as far as you could, found a job, worked there until you retired and that was it. So, why isn't this path working anymore? The economy seems to be..
Top Five Ways To Be A Good Boss  by: Danielle Hollister
Everybody has heard the horror stories about bosses that don't care, bosses that take advantage of their employees, bosses who don't do their jobs, etc... How can you prevent yourself from being..
10 Tips to Burn Brightly, Rather Than Burnout on the Job  by: Kathleen MacNaughton
Burnout is awful. I know... I've been there. After my divorce back in 2000, I worked long and hard at my career. Whenever my children were with their father (even on holidays), I'd be at the office,..
No More Generic Cover Letters!  by: Judi Perkins
Creating a job search cover letter doesn’t need to be a laborious process. Effective cover letters are short, skimmable and easy to read (a good rule of thumb no matter WHERE your cover letter is..
TEFL Jobs - Teaching English As a Foreign Language  by: John D Rogers
TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. If you speak English, and one more other languages, you can get a very lucrative job in the teaching profession. TEFL jobs are very rewarding...
Who Else Wants MapQuest Directions To success?  by: Mark Duin
Do you want to be different, more appreciated, more valued? Would you like your life to be more exciting and fun? Would you like to enjoy more material and financial success? Do you ever wish you..
Career Advice: Are You Getting The Respect You Deserve?  by: Ramon Greenwood
No doubt about it, most of us at one time or another can identify with Comedian Rodney Dangerfield's trademark lament, "I don't get no respect." That's not surprising because our need to be..
How to Overcome the 2 Biggest Enemies in a Job Search  by: Brad Remillard
The Beatles once sang, "all you need is love." In life this is true and it certainly helps during a job search, but it is not all you need. However, tough love is a good start. A job search is tough...
Being Organized Makes For More Job Hunting Success  by: Peter Fisher
Job hunting or job seeking is what people do when they are looking for employment. It doesn't matter if it is due to unemployment or dissatisfaction with a current position, the principles are the..
Career Choice For High Earners  by: Denise Taylor
A recent survey of 2,500 lawyers has found that despite their high pay there is widespread unhappiness at the poor work-life balance and 1 in 4 lawyers want to leave the profession because of stress...
How to Earn More Money From Your Work  by: Momodou Sabally
This idea of making more money from your work could be likened to the concept of Trade Marking. The willingness and persistence in consistently producing excellent output ensures that people will..
Organize Your Job Search  by: Brian Bowman
The job search process involves a lot of planning and attention to detail, so it’s no wonder that many people quickly feel overwhelmed and even a bit out of control. The best way to avoid this is..
Take a Closer Look at Career Training  by: Sherry Harris
When it comes to career training many people automatically think of getting a college education first. Others think about a vocational education being the key to having a career. Whatever it is that..
Finding Employment When You Are Disabled  by: Joann Grant
With growing competency and educational standards, it has become hard to find a job that satisfies both your pocket and desires. And if you are struck with any form of disability at any level, your..
TEFL Jobs - Teaching English As a Foreign Language  by: John D Rogers
TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. If you speak English, and one more other languages, you can get a very lucrative job in the teaching profession. TEFL jobs are very rewarding...
Why There Will Always Be High Paying Sales Jobs  by: Shamus Brown
With the revolution crushing once solid business models on an almost daily basis, the question surely crosses one's mind "am I next?". Selling is one of the oldest professions on the planet...
Recognizing When It's Time to Move On  by: Michael A. Fleischner
Changing jobs ranks as one of the most stressful life events that people go through, and most of us will change jobs four to seven times during our lives. So, even if you've been down this road..