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How to Avoid Discrimination in the Workplace
By:Larry Icabandi Nabiong

Discrimination is nothing but a way of intolerance and ignorance.

Being discriminated is painful especially if you knew that you would be as competent as the others favored. Yes, it is illegal to discriminate worker but some superiors in the workplace are ignorant on this and still clinging on their own false belief of getting workers promoted via their own "blessings" thus, disenfranchising others qualified for that promotion or scholarship or what.

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is now doing great things of educating people about promoting discrimination-free laws through different fora and the like ensuring observance of the said law prohibiting any forms of discrimination against anybody due to creed, color, sex, age, etc. in the workplace.

Yes, implementation of discrimination-free is somewhat relative. One who used to favoring others while abhorring others never does anybody any good. This can only bring about low morale among workers, thus, highly qualified ones would surely get out of the system asap and look for greener pasture-- a loss of talent for the department-- and letting brain drain in the process.

If all are being treated fairly, discrimination is nothing but a thing of the past. Equality among workers in all aspects are a thing of beauty for all to enjoy. Working then would become a joyful experience and nothing an issue would appear between and among workers due to the ugly thing of discriminating people, for one reason or another.

How to avoid discrimination in the workplace then? Here goes:

1. Always promote equality among workers.
2. Never favors someone over another due to his/her own individuality.
3. Observe fairness among workers when it comes to promotion and slots for scholarship.
4. Open door policy observance a must to a leader.
5. Give each worker what is due him/her.
6. Aspire excellence in everything you do; not mediocrity.
7. Decide for the good of majority, not the minority.
8. Balance the power pipeline through diversity.
9. Involve everyone fits to a program or projects aiming to protecting each worker's right.
10. Observe legal ways of handling issues sans disenfranchising others about their rights.

The above ways are just but a few in observing discrimination-free workplace through everybody's contribution effecting the essence and spirit of the law promoting equality among workers whatever their situation might be.

Yes, it is about time we had to change the system and observe fairness in to making every worker gets a fair chance of the deal.

The author is a mentor of teachers in elementary grades in the Philippines. Aside from being a grade school teacher, he is also contributing articles to magazines just to make good use of his spare time. He has joined writing contest in the past, but until now, he is dreaming of bagging an award! This is why, he is now trying his luck in this endeavor--blogging-- to find his niche and somewhere, somehow find a way of publishing a book.

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